"Soldiers walk through the street filled with zombies"

First time posting at this section…here :stuck_out_tongue:


C&C Is welcome…anytime

It’s meant to be
But you just joined last month, so I’ll cut you some slack.

Posing’s good anyway

look at the quality

Use Super-DOF for those low-quali textures. That will hide them pretty good.

Alright I’ll try that next time

The Zombie on the wall on the left with no head is doinf those silly wall sits.

No. He/she’s floating

Posing actually looks really good but for God’s sake please turn your graphics up.

You know, you could have at least posed the actual zombie ragdolls on the ground, instead of just using a low quality prop of a dead body bunch from L4D.

The posing is pretty good, but Merciful Jesus the textures! Turn them up quickly.

It’s not my settings, I was to lasy that I used the dead bodies…