Soldiers watches a Gigantosaurus and T-rex battle it out

Fair Criticism please.



Before you say anything,yes i did:
Turn on High Settings
Turn on AA

PS:Tell me which picture is better

Can’t see the edited one. Is that just me?

Sorry,reuploading soon


Sweet, can see both.

The lower one has a more cinematic feel to it, I think.
My only criticism is the posing of the legs for the soldier, they seem a little two straight for my taste.

Still, good images, man, keep 'em coming.

Edit: Well, now that I look at it again, the soldier in general seems a little too casual. He is watching two T-Rexes fighting a few feet away after all.

I love the contrast between the top and bottom of the picture.

I thought of Dino Crisis.

Because a soldier watches a T-rex and Gigantosaurus battle it out.