Soldiers Wondering if This Thread Title is Too Indiscriptive

credits to gtanoofa for posing
shading and partial lighting done by me, rain/clouds and better eye glow by masterfgh

C&C is appreciated



Yah, rain! I love editing rain!

Nice rain.

awesome eye beam

Soldier: “If I pick up this Gnome, will it slap my shit?”

Shouldn’t you give credit to the guy that took the picture?

I don’t know how I feel about the rain splashes.

yeah apologies to gtanoofa, updated the op

That is trully an amazing picture both of you H3llfire741 and masterfgh, and thanks for taking credit for the pose and well tinhead50 for pointing it out.

Nice rain and atmosphere.

Are those NPCs?


this is a pose

Nope, i have never used npc’s in any screenshot of mine.

npc’s don’t crouch to inspect a gnome

The two standing look very NPcish.

Guess my posing is… puts glasses on NPcish


That didn’t work. At all.

The pose of the guy on the left is mad stiff, it’s his arms that make him look like a robot. The other two guys look awesome though.

Huh, your avatar’s wearing sun glasses.