Sole author & 170k current workshop subscribers, but queue score only says 1? :(

Hi, I recently signed up for the developer queue, and I have a few relatively popular addons for gmod uploaded back in 2014, but it is saying my workshop score is only 1.

I’m guessing this might have happened because I had my steam profile set as private & addons unlisted when I originally signed for the queue? I’ve since changed my profile and addons to public, but unfortunately it still shows my score as 1 on the queue :cry:

Is there anything I can do to have the queue refresh my workshop score? The addons I uploaded back then are kind of garbage because I was only 13/14 years old at the time, but I’m still actively developing slightly less garbage addons for gmod to this day :’) I’ve just kept everything since then private to my servers. I’d really love to be able to try out s&box. My friends and I had an idea for a gamemode we’d like to port to it.

Here’s some info if that helps :slight_smile:
My profile
The addons were uploaded in 2014.
I am the the sole author on all of them.
Combined they have:
1,767 ratings,
32,841 workshop views,
174,248 current subscribers,
1,051 favorites,
and are in 22,259 workshop collections.

Only addons that were created and set to public at the latest one week before the queue started counts towards your workshop score. There is unfortunately nothing you can do!

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I doubt since you haven’t uploaded anything for years, and all of the addons you did upload are almost a decade old and just modifications of already existing weapons that use the base SMG.

Didn’t know the system was that advanced that it could determine the actual value of someone’s workshop.


That’s why I had them unlisted in the first place lol. I have been fully aware of how bad they are. But I’ll let you believe what you want. Not any point to continuing your flame.