Soliciting a Minor

I’ve been running my server for about 3 weeks now, and I had just discovered that my moderators had been using an addon called OGWHID in order to open up scat/poop porn on rulebreakers.
I had been confronted about the situation, where the member said i’d been reported to valve/steam and I will surely be facing charges or losing my server, upon further investigation, I discovered I am the one who WILL take the blame for the consequences, seeing as i’m renting the gameserver.
Any input on the situation? i’m extremely terrified of becoming a “REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER” and “POSSIBILITY OF GOING TO PRISON”

Please no trolling, this is a serious matter.

  1. find who the moderator is
  2. strip him of mod abilities, permaban from all servers, etc.
  3. apologize out the ass to the victim, promising them all sorts of nonsense

alternatively, close down the server and start a new one.

Iunno, you should have chatlogs and evidence and shit because you’re the renter of the server right?

The user was banned from the server, and i’m unable to find out who the victim is, seeing as over 50 users were the victims of this, but only one logged back on to say he will report us to valve, over voicechat.

and you believed him? valve couldn’t give less of a fuck, they will just ignore his whining
somehow i doubt the police would take a “OMG SOME GAI SHOWED ME YUCKY STUFF ON THE INTERNET” complaint seriously either
I’d say just ditch the admin if hes terrible, if hes a good admin then just remove his access to that mod and tell him to get his shit under control

I ditched the admin, and removed the access of another, plus removed the addon which allowed for them to do so.
On another note, I have heard very few stories of servers being taken down for that reason, also, a guy which owned a theater server getting arrested over somebody playing porn inside of his theaters, which leads me to believe that Valve/the police do care for these complaints, and would most likely start an investigation.

I wish I could get peace of mind right now, I wouldn’t want to be a sexual predator at the age of 18, maybe even end up in prison because of this situation.

That’s what the “game experience may change during online play” is for. That and the fact that “he showed me poop porn on a gayme” isn’t a reasonable court case.

unless they were recording their screen at the time then there is no proof this happened.
One thing you must consider though is what actions have you taken to rectify the situation
Removing the offending user from the server is a good step but you should also consider gathering as much information about that admin (ip address they used and their steam id should be good enough
RL name if you’ve got it.

Then if anything was to come of it you have the information they need to actually press charges against someone (thats what they are looking for if this goes further then telling mommy)

So long as you took action to remove the user from your server and gathered information to report the admin you should be fine.

(forums are a great place to get ips and steam ids if they had to apply for admin :wink: )

I am not a lawyer and i am not offering legal advice. These are things that i would (and have done) in your situation

Your moderators have the power to upload addons to the server? Lol.

It’s too late buddy, already got your info reported to the cyber police. Expect to be registered as a sex offender and minimum 3 years in the clink.

Well, claiming that I force-openned pornography on his end is solicitation of a minor i’d think?

Hello, thank you for the thoughtful reply, I believe the user claimed he’s taken screenshots. I had indeed removed the offender from my staff team, their IP will forever be embedded in my server logs.

Asfar as the reported user goes, he said he will be reporting us to valve through an email, he will surely not be contacting his parents.

It is the OGWHID addon, I installed it, and it was utilized and ways I did not approve of.

My server’s MOTD has a disclaimer stating that by exiting the MOTD screen and playing on the gameserver, you hereby agree that you are of legal age, and I gave a fair warning as far as sexual content goes.

This is not illegal, viewing porn underage is not illegal. You can’t be placed on a sex offender list for showing someone porn.

Can you back this up with anything? right now I spoke to alot of older members of the community, and they’re all saying I may face charges.

Depicting minors in pornography is illegal. Soliciting minors is also illegal but I think you may be confuse by what solicitation means. To solicitate a minor you are requesting that they have sex with you as long as you never asked this person to have sex with you. You are okay form a legal standpoint.

Here you can see that it is not illegal for minors to view pornographic material.

So don’t worry the FBI will not be breaking down the door and you won’t have to worry about Chris Hansen showing up at your house either.

From the exact same link you had sent me:

“No, but the person showing it or selling it to you could get in trouble.”

The person who gave that answer is a trademark lawyer so this is not their expertise. However the top poster is an entertainment lawyer who tells you that you will not face legal action. You are not the content provider so you can not get in trouble. It falls on the website that distributes the pornographic material to regulate it. If you show a playboy to a kid you are not going to be carted off to jail or put on a sex offender list. You should be fine. Don’t listen to what others are saying they have not done any research and are just making speculations.

Why would you do this if you weren’t aware of what’s going on?

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What other use could this addon possibly have?

Thank you buddy, i’m hoping for the life of me that this is true, because everybody besides you has told me the opposite.

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Simply because I had sprays enabled on my server, and people would constantly complain about “HENTAI” and “FURRIES”, etc, etc.

I am the victim and there is no use apologizing now.

You are going to prison FOREVER.