Solid black textures?

So I compiled a model I was working on, and one of the textures is solid black instead of showing up as it’s supposed to be.

Easy guess as to which one.

My VMT is as follows:

	"$basetexture" "models/XCom/Faces/FemaleCauc1/EyeLashMask"
	"$nocull"			"1"
	"$translucent" 		"0"
	"$alphatest" 		"1"

Any help here would be nice.

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It’s also worth noting that I have gotten this texture to work before on a different version of the model.

Here’s how I do transparency, usually works.

	$basetexture "models/XCom/Faces/FemaleCauc1\EyeLashMask.vtf"
	$alphatest 1
	$allowalphatocoverage 1

Also, make sure the texture itself has an alpha channel.

I’ll try that. I’ll let you know if it works.

Also, as I mentioned at the bottom of the OP, I’ve gotten this texture to work before. I am quite confused as to why it didn’t work this time.

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No dice, still black.

Can you upload the dds/vtf?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with the vtf either.

Although, interesting point: if this was simply a transparency issue then it would show bits of white on the texture as well, not just black.

Check the UVs.

I see no reason why this thing is not working. The UVs appear to be all good. There is one thing that I’ll do tomorrow. It’s something I don’t particularly want to do, but I may need to. That may fix it.

I’ve had a solid black sometimes happen when I set the nomipmap no nomindetail flags.