Solid DarkRP (Based off of Liquid DarkRP) [WIP]

• Introduction
• About us
• Plans
• The Applying Layout
• Staff list
• Credit
• Changelist

1.0 - Introduction
I have been playing Garry’s mod for a number of years. UI have been with LUA for only around a year now. I had always started to attempt to make a good Roleplay gamemode but never could quite do it due to my lack of coding knowledge. Then I found DarkRP and I began learning more into how to create one. Of course this was a somewhat basic gamemode and it was loathed by almost every person that played Garrys Mod SO I threw out all my edits/recreations of it. Then one day, I found a server called Liquid DarkRP. It was almost everything I wanted in a roleplay gamemode. But it still had too much DArkRP tied to it for my liking. A few months later, Jackool released the gamemode. I snatched that up like candy during holloween. But still, I had no motivation and lacked ideas so I let it go.

2.0 - About us
Currently I am flying solo. I am looking for a few people who would like to attempt to turn a gamemode that was abandoned and turn it around into something even greater than it was.

3.0 – Current Plans
The idea here is to make a true serious roleplay server. Now many of you may groan at the words “serious roleplay” but I suppose you should because they aren’t the greatest words. What I am hoping more for is a more “Real-life” oriented server. Although you may say, “Well Why would I do that, I can just go outside and (insert something here).” You may be right, so go ahead, but this is to allow those who wish to try and roleplay real life, in Garry’s mod, without worrying about all the death matching and money farming. Will there be money? Of course! Will there be guns? Yes there will be. So how will it be different?

First off, money printers, they’re gone. Will they be back? Eh, possibly. But you will have to get a load of resources, make the items from scratch and piece each part together 1 by one in order create one. As for guns, it won’t be a simple, go to a dealer, give him cash and get your gun, type of system. A player will have to pay the dealer as usual, but when the dealer orders a gun, the government will be given a notice that a gun has been purchased. The gun, or shipment of weapons, will then be spawned at the government headquarters where the dealer must pick up the items.

This is just a small amount of what is planned to be changed. Some things have already been completed, but I am looking for some help in doing this.

4.0 - The Applying Layout

Here is the layout:

Steam Name?:
How old are you?:
SteamID (
What position do you want? (Coder or Tester):
How long have you coded (ignore if not chosen Coder)?:
What time zone are you in?:
Estimated timeframe you can be on (eg. 3pm-9pm est)?:
Why do you want to become part of project?:
Any Suggestions?:
//*****Other Info Below Here*****\\

5.0 - Staff List



lt. Derp
Person 2



Person 4

6.0 - Credits

Contributor’s name: Frankpetrov – Project leader
Contributor’s name: Jackool – Original Liquid DarkRP creator
Contributor’s name: All original DarkRP creators

7.0 - Changelist

• Printers temporarily removed
• Hobo removed
• Iron rock mine added
• Iron ore and bars added
• Updated a few crafting recipes to use more realistic methods

Pictures will be added in a few hours.

I realize that this seems like a bunch of nonsense that will never happen but I do assure you that most of it will happen. I won’t guarantee that all of it will though.

So what have you done so far?

Currently, all printers have been removed. guns are removed until I finish the gun system (all that needs done is the coords have to be put in where the stuff will spawn but that will be based on the map used), I am currently redoing how the jobs operate such as a miner only gets paid for every so many rocks sold. I’ve also changed some models to “better” models. Nothing too much to be honest as I just started doing all this last night.

Still a broken system. Police won’t allow people to pick up guns, police will arrest people who buy guns, no way to buy guns that are illegal, no way to actually get rid of bad police…

Valid points made. Part of all this is simply based on factors such as trust and the willing to roleplay. The message is simply saying that the gun dealer had purchased a shipment of items. It will not say what type of what kind of items. So this would somewhat eliminate the police from knowing what type is in the crate. The other thing is that none of that is set in stone. It can easily be changed. You will be able to create your own guns “illegally” but you will have to have the skills to do so. As for bad police, there will be a restriction set that someone can’t be arrested without a warrant, The warrant system i was writing up last night is going to be difficult, for me at least, but hopefully works. In a nut shell, you can only warrant someone if someone sees that person commit a crime and it’s approved by the chief. if there is no chief, you can’t warrant someone.

Steam Name?: THEIF
How old are you?: 16
SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:25168866
What position do you want? (Coder or Tester): Tester
What time zone are you in?: EST
Estimated timeframe you can be on (eg. 3pm-9pm est)?: 11 am- 2 am
Why do you want to become part of project?: Because i really want to be part of something new and creative and i love giving feedback
Any Suggestions?: nope
//Other Info Below Here\
i can host 64 slot servers free

Don’t limit guns, limit damage. Instead of causing guns to make you lose all your stuff, make a coherent, permanent inventory that is not affected by death. In fact, remove death, it’s stupid. If your health drops to 0, you simply drop to the ground unconscious for like half a minute, then you rise again at 10% health. RPing defeat and injury when you have been defeated in combat is what you should enforce, leave death for people who actually want to die as a character.

Steam Name?:Gamz
How old are you?:14
SteamID (
What position do you want? (Coder or Tester):Tester
What time zone are you in?:GMT -8
Estimated timeframe you can be on (eg. 3pm-9pm est)?:12PM-4AM
Why do you want to become part of project?:I like to RP and could help find bugs and shit.
Any Suggestions?:More Jobs
//Other Info Below Here\

Steam Name?:Lt. Derp (username is camaro1010)
How old are you?:15
SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:31886312
What position do you want? (Coder or Tester): Coder
How long have you coded (ignore if not chosen Coder)?: 1.5 years
What time zone are you in?: EST
Estimated timeframe you can be on (eg. 3pm-9pm est)?: 12pm-10pm EST
Why do you want to become part of project?: I currently maintain the release of Liquid DarkRP
Any Suggestions?: Fix all of the various flaws
//Other Info Below Here\
I’m the maintainer/coder of Liquid DarkRP since Jackool disappeared and I’d like to work with you to find some ideas for the release version or just use this gamemode as the release version.

That’s actually quite a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into this.

I am only on shortly but I will message you later. As for using this as the release version, I’m going to restrict you there. I don’t want this gamemode released at all yet. I’m not gunna try to be power hungry er anything like that and keep it to ourselves, but I want it to be finished before it’s released.

Steam Name?:
How old are you?: 17
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:24811031
What position do you want? (Coder or Tester): Tester
What time zone are you in?: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Estimated timeframe you can be on (eg. 3pm-9pm est)?: 12pm-23pm
Why do you want to become part of project?: I really like the idea, and it would be cool to check out all of it as a tester.
Any Suggestions?: No.
//Other Info Below Here\
1-2 years of photoshop.
Got a server laying around for nothing, which can be used.
Over 2000 hours gameplay time of Garry’s Mod.
Had my own LiquidRP server for a while.

You all have been accepted. I will notify you when the time comes for needing your help. thanks for applying.

there is 1 more space available for testing and 1 more spot for coding. Someone who is good with converting the SQLite system to MySQL would be great to have.

Another fail DarkRP edit isn’t really needed. I can guarantee this won’t succeed.

Someone should make “Acid DarkRP” and it would be pefect.

cookies if you get the reference.

We really don’t need more DarkRP…

B-but it’s the best gaemod ever!

Thank you for your opinion and have a pleasant day.

seriously how many RP treads have we had now?

its someting that WONT work so please leave it and make someting more producte rather than RP GAMEMODE NUMBER 99898976

No offense, but no. If you don’t believe it will not work, that’s ok. I respect that. But it’s what I and many other people in the Garry’s mod community enjoy. There is no point in coming in here and making a useless post stating that it won’t work. Perhaps you could be a little productive and help out a small amount by explaining why it won’t work out?

I still don’t understand Solid DarkRP. How does it differ to DarkRP, liquid DarkRP, Cider and other popular roleplay scripts?