Solid NEW 5x5 water base design, near unraidable!


We tested the base on Facepunch London 3 server, between 2 large clan bases, it was there for over 2 weeks, we grew the tower to 7 floors tall before we stopped playing there. We did not get raided once, not even so much as a wall blown out.

Hope you all enjoy! :slight_smile:

You know you can place toolcupboards on level 1, 3, 5, and 7?

Just curious… is the primary/ secondary cupboard rule still applicable now that you can’t place cupboards within the radius of another cupboard?

Wouldn’t they all be primary cupboards now?

You could yes, but you would have to build the outside of most of the base beforehand, you wouldn’t have the honeycomb there in the early stages for protection.

It works pretty awkwardly now, as apcrol just said, if you built most of the base before honeycombing, you could place floors on every 2-3 levels, because tool cupboards only cover around 2 levels downwards, further stregthening the base in the long run but not giving you protection in the early stages.

You would be best placing multiple cupboards around at max radius of the base too, to further widen the building protected zone, preventing tower raiding.

Rough cost?

For what I built in the video you are looking at around 80k stone, though once you have the first few floors done the base is usable! :slight_smile: