solid to one team, not to another.

I am using the Episode 1 engine for this map. (Counter Strike Source). I want to know how I could make it so a brush is only solid to one team and not the other. Any suggestions? I am doing this for a contest.

Use func_clip_vphysics and filter_activator_team.


The func_clip_vphysics didn’t work properly, can you possibly go in depth on how you would do this?

I guess it only works for orange box engine. (Episode 2)

It works for Ep1. You have to tie it to func_clip_vphysics with nodraw. It works, I’ve used it.

Thanks Zally, I will try it.


Weird, it still isn’t working. I will try some more stuff…


Another edit, according to valve wiki discussion, func_clip_vphysics only counts towards props.

I thought the combine/rebel only forcefield tutorials worked for CSS with some slight edits? Did for me.

I wasn’t going off of that tutorial, I guess I should.


Which tutorial were you using?

I’m trying to find it, but it may no longer be availiable.

Can you recall which entity you used?

Try using a func_brush instead

Func_brush doesn’t have a filter for solidity.

func_wall? func_door?

func_wall is obselete I think. I think it might be possible to add a keyvalue like filter for solidity, not sure though.

Augh, you can rate me bad reading. I thought you were talking about physics props for a bit.


Use a trigger_multiple with a filter_activator to toggle the brush?

Set the filter to terrorist or counterterrorist (depending on the door (Not sure if it has ! or not) if its a CT door set the filter to counterterrorist)

Give the trigger the outputs onstarttouch > brush > toggle onendtouch > brush > toggle

Or Filter_activator team if that works.

Wouldn’t a CT wanting to go through let a T go through if they both touched at the same time?

Yes unless you add a counter system such as a trigger push that will only affect T’s that’ll push them away.