Solidarity is an up-and-coming gamemode that focuses around survival in a forest setting. There is a heavy focus on the world, which is living and breathing around you. Every plant, animal, and prop has a life cycle. Trees start as young sprouts, which eventually grow older and older until they themselves have the ability to spread more trees. They keep growing until they become very old, and eventually die. The NPC’s have a similar cycle; they are born, they grow, and they reproduce. This makes the game world dynamic and unpredictable.

Before I get to more specific gameplay elements, let me show you a video. This is a “time-lapse” of a forest growing and expanding, starting all from one tree.

Since the creation of this video, the way trees spread has changed. It’s much less dense, and trees fade in/out so it’s much easier to follow. A new video will be added ASAP.

Now, if that seems hectic and hard-to-follow, it’s because it is. Every time you see a tree change, that’s a “growth stage.” Any given tree has five growth stages, each lasting anywhere from 10-20 minutes. At its peak age (the third growth stage), the tree has a chance to sprout up to three other trees around it. In this video, each growth cycle lasted about five seconds, which made things go very quickly. Here’s a breakdown of each growth stage:

Stage 1: Young. Trees sprout at this level. Not much wood is given from young trees (explained later).
Stage 2: Medium.
Stage 3: Full-grown. Trees at this level have the chance to sprout up to three sprouts. You get the most wood at this level.
Stage 4: Old. Trees at this level begin to lose their leaves and rot. Not much wood is given at this level.
Stage 5: Dead. Trees at this level have fallen to the ground and rotted away. Very little wood is given at this level.

Every other plant and animal in Solidarity will follow very similar patterns. Unfortunately NPC growth is still a bit buggy so I won’t be showing that off just yet. Plants will include bushes and ferns, with anything else we may be able to find.

*Everything below is in an extremely experimental state. Even if functional, don’t be surprised if something changes in the coming days/weeks/months.
One thing that I’ve always found annoying in online games is progress bars. Everyone knows them - you click on something and watch a little bar fill up until the action is done. Solidarity WILL NOT be using progress bars. Instead, we will be using a “cooldown” system. Any action that you want to perform, be it resource gathering, crafting, or building, will be instantly completed. Instead of sitting and watching an action bar fill up, that action will receive a “cooldown time” relative to your skill in that category. This provides the same game-balancing effects of progress bars, but allows you to do other things while you wait. You’re not tied down! We think this will make the game much more entertaining and fulfilling.

Next, let’s take a look at resource gathering. Before we begin, I present another video. And before you ask, yes, I know the rock gib effect is absolutely ridiculous.

This video is COMPLETELY and FULLY outdated. Read the things below to see how it works now. Again, new video ASAP.

Now, as you probably gathered, this is still very much a WIP. I think it gets the point across well enough though, which is why I decided to make a video. In the start I began chopping a tree. Once the tree ran out of resources (relative to its growth stage, as previously stated), it became a chopped tree stump, with a few bits of wood left over. This, more than anything, shows your ability to shape the world around you. The forests (as you saw), can be rather dense. If you want a house in the forest, you best believe plenty of chopping will be involved. The rocks aren’t finished by any means. They are simply a “proof of concept.” We plan to make them break down their “growth” stages (obviously rocks don’t grow, but they have similar stages as trees and plants), until eventually they wither away.

I’d also like to point out the way the resources were actually added - that’s not the way it’s going to happen in the future. You probably noticed that it was just a chat message telling me “Harvested x wood.” What fun is that!? Once you chop a tree a few times, the top half falls to the ground. Chop that felled tree, and you’ll receive a log. This log can be considered a “raw” resource, in that it can be used to create a variety of things. For example, if you want to create a wooden wall for a house, you’ll need wooden boards. How do you make boards? You saw up the logs! It’s this kind of interaction that will be at the core of Solidarity. There are many, many more things we’ve been discussing about this subject, but I don’t think we’re quite ready to reveal them yet (sorry!).
Crafting** will most definitely be a HUGE part of Solidarity. Unfortunately, not much code is layed down for this, and we’re still discussing how we want this to work exactly. This is what we’ve “agreed on” so far, but that doesn’t mean it’s final by any means. Here’s the basic jist: After gathering resources, the player needs to decide what they want to do with these resources. There will be verious sent-oriented crafting projects (campfires, sawmills, windmills, etc), but there is also a prop-based crafting system. The normal spawn menu will be active, and the players are able to choose any prop the server allows them to. However, if they spawn a prop, it will be a “plan.” Basically, a no-colliding, ghosted prop. In order for this prop to become physical, the players will need to add to this plan whatever resources are required. Again, this is a incredibly general concept that will most likely change. We have a huge amount of concepts in this area that simply aren’t “concrete” enough to talk about yet.

**Survival **will be handled in a (hopefully) interesting way. We want to make survival fun, rather than a chore. The players will still need to fulfill their basic needs (hunger, water, and sleep), but none will cause death if not tended to. They will, however, create huge penalties on the player’s skills, and ability to play with any kind of efficiency. For example, if you go without water, your view will become blurred and hard to see, and your cooldown timers will lengthen due to dehydration. The effects will progressively worsen until you quench your thirst.

To feed yourself, you’ll need to hunt. After killing an animal (using traps, spears, throwing rocks, and bows (more details coming soon)), you can butcher its corpse for meat. Bring the meat back to your camp, throw it on a fire (or grill if you’re fancy), and watch it cook. This is something I, myself, am very excited about. Cooking, fueling fires, and building will be done physically. If you put a piece of meat on a fire, it will cook. Leave it on too long, it will burn. Same goes for wood - throw it on the fire, and it will burn, making the fire last longer. Just don’t let the fire get too close to the trees…


I lowered the spread time and increased the chance to spread to 100% for the sake of this video. Fire spreads much more slowly in the actual game. The current effect is rather wonky too; I’ll eventually add more smoke and change the color of the trees when they burn.

**Maps **will be discussed when more is decided upon.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything at all, don’t be afraid to post here or send me a PM.

You never finish anything.

This seems very ambitious.

I’ve made a point to only post things I have at least slightly functional code behind. There are many, many more ideas I have that I haven’t done any code for yet. So yeah, it is ambitious, but everything I posted here is more or less working at this point.


Needs more crumpets!

So is this what happened with that Base Crafting Gamemode you were working on?
Not that I’m complaining, (… much. I really had some hope that good gamemodes would spawn off of that.) this looks awesome and I hope it gets finished.(At least enough for a beta release.)

Eeeexactly. I worked on it for a few weeks, stopped for about a month, came back to it and just went insane. For a while (probably a very long while), it’ll be a closed release, running exclusively on the Tricky’s Tutorials Servers. If I get to the point when I feel comfortable releasing it, I will. I just look at what’s happened to things like DarkRP and it makes me cringe a bit.

Yeah, I can’t blame you :geno:

Wow this is awesome :smiley:

But the name is Solidarity, what does this mean for MP? :v:

You’re thinking of Solitary :v: (you’re not the only one, don’t feel bad)

“Solidarity refers to the feeling of unity based on common goals, interests, and sympathies. It is a term which is promoted by many social movements to help create social relationships based on justice and equality.”

This shit is great, and everyone is going to love it when it’s done. I can’t wait to test this with you more.

Sweet. I hope this takes over stranded.

Yeah, keep up the good work man, everyone will just love it!

I do have to wonder.
While in the video, even with it changing every 5 seconds, you had no lag.
But I still wonder how much an entire dynamic ecosystem will tax a server, not to mention the 5 to (unknown) amount of players that will be there as well.

Well, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this same thing.

Basically, if a server wants to host a decent amount of people, the tree growth times will have to be spread out. There are two values you can set: a minimum time and a maximum time. The script simply picks a random time between them. As long as there is a few minutes of space in between tree growths, they tax on the server will be negligible.

For the client side, I’ll be implementing LOD so trees that are far away from the player will simply render as sprites. That should help out older computers quite a bit.

This looks great. The forest fires are pretty sweet too.

Wow that’s the exact opposite :uhoh:

Anyway yeah still asking though, how will MP be like? Will people cooperate, fight, or both? Or just leave eachother the hell alone :v:

There will be teams. I’ll discuss it more when there’s some actual code behind it. It should be pretty fun, though.

What about people being able to create team by paying some money (not real money) or getting an item?