SolidVote - L4D Style voting!


SolidVote brings Left4Dead style voting to Garry’s Mod. The Fretta gamemode base allows players to select the gamemode and maps themselves, but this addon goes a step further. Depending on the configuration, players can vote for kicks, bans, cleanups, noclip setting changes and godmode setting changes all by themselves! This lowers the need for admins even further and players will be able to actually administrate the server themselves.


[ul][li] VoteKick - votekick <playername>
[/li][li] VoteBan - voteban <playername>
[/li][li] VoteClean - Cleans up the map
[/li][li] VoteNoClip - Switches sbox_noclip
[/li][li] VoteGodmode - Switches sbox_godmode
[/li][li] Custom Vote - Allows admins to create their own votes: ‘vote Is wire awesome?’[/ul]
[/li]All votes can be started using the specified chatcommands by all players except the custom votes. Only one vote can be created every 2 minutes by default.


I have some PC problems, the red cross and stuff looks better than in these screenshots.


Open ‘SolidVote/lua/config.lua’ to configure the addon. The instructions should be pretty straight forward!


Nice work! Going to use this on my server.

The addon is awesome. Too bad you couldn’t find the real cross from L4D, though. Not because I understand why your screenshot “failed” as you told me it did.

Hmm, no download link?


It’s at the bottom of the OP.

It’s right there at the bottom of his post.

Do you have a set limit on how many checks you show on a row? I’d be worried about having twenty four, thirty two, etc. as far as sizing is concerned. Other than that, it looks good.

Sorry, it wasn’t showing.

Looks good

oh god yes I love you

Would you be able to add a vote to change the map? Or better yet, a vote that runs a command when completed.

Pretty awesome dude. Good work.

There’s 9 boxes per row, if there’s more players, it just goes to the next row:


Should be a option to use your own keys.

Instead of F11 and 12 how about F1 and 2.

good work. Will be very useful

In sandbox F1 opens the video help menu and half of the other keys are bound to something too.

Why doesn’t it use Derma.

Because it’s unnecessary with almost a complete lack of controls.

I like the voting style.

Nice work, Overv! =)

Been needing this for some time…