Solidworks 2009

Hey, has anyone here used Solidworks to make models, i know it can’t do ragdolls and shit, and don’t start flaming me because i’m using some stupid program, but I have a few models made in it that i want to try and export to source, i know solidworks works in parts and assemblys but i am just talking about exporting parts so i can add them to gmod/source engine…

I KNOW the program is made for CAD and not for games but I just would like to know

the version is 2009 sp3 Educational edition.

Lemme check, I’m starting it up now

EDIT: I don’t think so. My Solid works V20 doesn’t seem to export into any interesting filetypes, so I doubt that can use this for game modeling.

Unless the other popular programs can open these filetypes:

And IIRC, when you start the educational version for the first time it has a huge note saying “Any work here can’t be opened in a commercial version of solid edge/solid works” or something like that.

dam… that’s a pitty, is the the educational version your trying? or the commercial version?

It’d be too high-poly anyway.

Educational, got it from school. I’m a first year mechanics student.


sadface :frowning: