Solitude (NY Server) [Events]

Looking for a new server where you won’t be instantly killed for what seems like no reason whatsoever, where the majority of players on the server will not shoot first and ask questions later? Are you imagining a server where this happens while PVP is still on, where you can still go on raids once you’ve set up appropriately, still play the game like it is intended to be played but perhaps with a few little ‘extra’ events? If that’s the case, then Solitude NYjust might be the server that you’re looking for. If any of this sounds interesting enough to you, read on. If not, I wish you the very best of luck in finding a server that does manage to hit all of those points that you find more important! Now, back to the business of what Solitude NY has, will hopefully have, and promises to be.

We’re keeping everything that makes Rust, Rust, wholly intact. What does that mean to you?

-Sleeper Server, everytime you’re logging out you’re risking what’s on your person.

-PVP, if you feel threatened, or like you can make a pretty penny on your fellow player’s lives… Well, that’s a part of Rust!

-Airdrops, only occur at Admin Command or once the server hits ten players. Admin Command is periodic, based on what’s going on in the server.

-Resource Spawns [Directly from Admins] WILL NOT HAPPEN. The only area where admin-spawned resources will be used is Solitude, the enforced Neutral Zone. We’re not going to carebear this game for you.

-Raiding is considered perfectly fine, it might net you in-game enemies, but shouldn’t ever merit Admin intervention unless there is griefing.

But we are trying to add MORE to your experience as well!

-Wipes will be announced in advanced, server-wide or on this thread so that you can take screenshots of your inventories on Steam and retain at least some of your equipment.*
Realize that in many cases, no, you will not receive M4’s, MP5’s, or other automatic weapons back in the event of a wipe for balancing issues, such as when Facepunch makes a large update to the game. These wipes are recommended once in a while to keep the game at least fairly balanced for newer players. Buildings remain intact, player-inventories do not.

-There is a zone where PVP will be effectively ‘off’ except for events. ‘Solitude City’ will be a neutral grounds for newbies to get started, or for trading to go down.
Do note that PVP will never-ever be turned off in Solitude NY, and that if you hurt/kill anyone in Solitude, you’ll be in a bit of trouble. [Reparations to the dead]

-Events for resources will be hosted! [Gladiator Fights, Team Combat, Obstacle Courses]
Resources give will be balanced appropriately to how many players are taking time out of resource gathering and the like to participate in these games. More players, more prizes.

-Active Admins intent on making your experience better by fighting hackers/griefers.
Screenshots will be necessary to make permanent bans. Kicks can be enforced if your word is backed by at least another person, and/or if you’re considered to be trusted by Administrators.

What’s already in the server?

The Server’s been going for two days already, although after just a single day it was wiped in order to make way for the new update. We’ve got an active population of usually about 8-16 players on at a time during the evening hours, with usually a few less during your average daytime hours. Solitude City exists, impressively enough and should be easy enough for most newcomers to find as a starting-zone if they simply follow the road (thank God it’s a big loop) until they see it in the distance. There are a few easily accessible starter items in the city for newcomers to find if they’re willing to search, some cloth clothing and the like, as well as public campfires and perhaps a bit of food. Solitude has an Arena, Watchtower, Community Building, Jail, and a few houses for some of the people who call it ‘home’. It is the base for Administrators (for the moment), as well as a few trusted players. There are a few small player-settlements scattered around the map as well, with at least a few small groups of people living in some of them. Hostility appears to be rather low, and most players are more than happy to help out newcomers who have questions.

So, what’s the Server’s Name and IP so I can join already!?

Server Name: Solitude NY
Server IP: (For net.connect command)

A pair of screenshots from Solitude are below, The Arena as viewed from the Watchtower, as well as a shot of a building from the ground.