Solo and small team play needs to be more encouraged.

The game needs mechanics geared more towards solo players and small teams. I’m not saying nerf clan play to the point where it’s ineffective, but give some incentives to playing without a large group of friends…

Also we need hair. Who has time to shave their hair while spending all effort trying to survive? Head hair, pubic hair, chest hair, etc…

I’m not really having trouble as a solo player. Playing solo means you can be sneaky and taking out groups will usually yield more loot, it’s high risk high reward.

Playing solo is all about compact base design, hidden rooms, being efficient and being greedy but cautious.

They mentioned something about hair in the devblog recently.

I’m doing really fine as a solo player (most of the time). Ofc you can’t counter raid when you see a 10 vs 10 raid but it’s actually fun to take part of some fights and doing some impressive clutch etc.

You have to be smart and play safe.

Anyways, we could buff small groups/solo players indeed, but you should add some suggestions to your post because I think it’s pretty useless to say that without any example of what could be done…

That’s cool, neither am I.

Interesting post dude,
next time you have a suggestion, try to propose some ideas and maybe it’ll be usefull for someone.

Moreover the hair thing is posted almost every day on reddit etc.
Pointless topic