Solo player frustrations and suggested solutions

Great game but as a solo player I am at the point of stopping playing because of the disadvanteges of being solo. I play only at night and sometimes I cant login at all and after I login hours of work I have done is just vanished because of 5 guys breaking into my house with pickaxes and C4.

As I mentioned before solo players must have some advantages of having a small base so they can build bigger and stronger bases.

1-)Plantable bushes and trees or fake stone decals to hide the house.
2-)Secret doors that look like walls but are opened by a secret button same like secret stash.can also be secret floor stash with a hatch type opening but wall is better sice the player can hide as well during a raid.
3-)Paintable walls with matte color. I tried using Giant signs to cover the wall of my house and make a camouflage paint but the paint on the sign is glossy and it attracts more attention because it doesnt blend with the environment.
4-)Ability to dig.If some terrains such as soil or sand could be dug the entrance of the base could be 1x1 hatch and the base itself could be underground. 1x1 hatch could be hidden easily.

This is all I can think of but I believe there are many people frustrated of dying over and over again and quitting this great game.I can always see in the chat of the server.

It will also be a challenge for clans too because now they just have shitloads of c4 and they just break and enter as they please and I believe the fun part of Rust is always developing and trying to survive rather than killing everyone in sight and gathering material.

Sorry for the long post.

Nice day to everyone.

Build bases more cleverly and make use of stashes. Instead of having a large base or worrying about hiding it, hide it in plain sight by having several smaller ones with stashes hidden about, and maybe even get clever about it and make them look like they’re decaying away and already empty and worthless. Groups have a natural advantage in this game and that’s pretty much intended; the solution is to slip beneath their notice, not cram in a bunch of camoflage options to “even the odds”.

Also digging holes in the map terrain is not nearly as easy as it sounds. garry investigated solutions for voxel terrain that would allow hole-digging and other modifications to the terrain, and nothing ever came of it which suggests it was way more trouble than what it was worth. Rust’s maps are procedurally generated, but they’re not made of voxels the way a Minecraft terrain is.

The game’s also not balanced yet; it’s an Early Access game, and in its current unfinished state some gameplay aspects are simply one-sided and unfair, but that’s because it’s unfinished.

**The plantable trees and bushes idea is really interesting. **

Do you have to wait for the trees and bushes to grow or are they already at max size?

Just build smarter, I’ve had to play solo since the forced wipe (9 nearly 10 days now) and the base I built on the very first day is still standing as we speak. It’s not small, but it’s not big enough to be a target. It’s only had one raid attempt since I built it and they didn’t manage to get into a single one of my loot rooms before they ran out of c4 as I have walls and doorways everywhere and for someone that’s never been in the base it would be a complete maze, all they got away with was around 10-15k charcoal which is fine with me. I patched it up in less then 10 minutes and haven’t had another raid attempt since.

There’s a few simple things that help minimise your chances of being raided like, don’t build near monuments or radtowns, don’t go to big, but at the same time make sure it will take a lot of c4 before they get to your loot, make multiple loot rooms and split the loot between them that way if they manage to get to one, chances are they won’t get to the other, if you have the resources Build a massive decoy base right near your base but make it look fairly easy to raid so given the choice they would choose the decoy. there’s plenty of ways to survive in rust as a solo player, you’ve just got to put a bit more effort into it and be creative.