Solo player technique, how do you play Solo ?

Hi everybody, AmiralCoco there. I’ve got like 150 hours of Rust and I’m mostly a Solo Player.

I’ve created this thread to speak about way to survive alone :stuck_out_tongue:

My first question is where do prefer to hide to have the lower chance of getting raid ?

    Usually I’m hiding in ressource hole, or a little bit behind, you’re not too far from hangar neither from ratdown, it also have a big spawn rate for ressources.
    Right now after getting raid like 4 times in 2 days, I’ve changed server and now I’m hiding in mouintain of Silk Valley, hiding my shettler between two big rocks.

Because that’s my way to play solo, I’m going to some mountain and then I build several shettler or 1x1 house at like 20 m from each others. Propably the best anti raid technique, hiding several house and spreading ressources. When you have a build house you’re really too easily spottable… BUT it doesn’t look like it work very well. Somebody came and blew up my 2 house with metal door but didn’t touch my wooden shettler with a wooden door, should had put my ressources there…

Also I’m asking my self how many player are on the server that you are playing ?

  • For me, over 60 is too much, you die like every 10 minutes and there is a very big chance that you will get raid during the night. I enjoy very much playing on 20-30 players servers, Rust is getting more survival-like and every contact with another player feels like dayZ, you have to get carefull when you see somebody, you can speak with him or try to follow him ect…
    On 60+ players server, there is no real survival or RP, everybody is running for ressources or hiting you with their rocks and then kevlar guy is coming and killing everybody…

(I apologize for my really bad english and syntax, I’m from France and so english is not my native language)

Well im not saying that theres any good spots because people look everywhere for houses to raid. So just join a no c4 server and there you go. Raid free :slight_smile: Usefull for map, base design, teams and alot more. I send this to all threads because its good for learning the base and knowing where u are and stuff. More will be added to the website too as hunting simulator and pvp training vs animals and NPC’s

Thanks mate for the website, but there are no french server withour C4 ^^

Bumping ?

Hi, I’m playing on a french RP server, somes rules, no freekill, fair players.
It’s: alone in the rust.
Around 50 players in the day. The community is not bad compared to others servers.

You can try.
I play solo too, and it is much better to be able to talk a little without getting shots at any time.


I tend to spread out sleepin bags everywhere with a box next to it. I do build houses but theyre just empty shells with a furnace/workbench to do some quick work. Since I started using this technique I haven’t been raided yet.