Solo VS Clans - Even ground.

So im a new player to rust having just bought the game a couple days ago, i sunk 50 hours of play into those 4 days and have come to some early conclusions.

This is not a solo players game.

To play as a lone wolf is very hard, extremely hard to the point of rage quit / uninstall even. Dont get me wrong i have etched out a way to play but it is a meager existence
by any standards and the only “safe” way to play feasibly as a solo player is to have multiple and im talking 10+ mini bases scattered all around the map on rocks with mediocre gear at best in them.

I have tried the massive fortress, underwater, treehouses, cliff base AND rock bases and this only attracted the attention of clans wanting pvp which being a solo player i was not able to provide as once i was gunned down a couple of times
game is over and my base is obliterated before i can respawn.

Now i love this game but there is a pretty severe imbalance and one that detracts from the experience of the game for the average non hardcore player.

What this game needs:

Log in to server as SOLO or CLAN player.

Logging in as a solo player should provide the following protections;

Your building structures cannot be damaged by anyone with a clan tag only other solo players.
You cannot build in cupboard areas that were placed by a clan.
In turn logging in as a clan member prevents solo players from damaging structures built by member of a clan.
Solo players cannot build or interact with clan structures or build in areas of a clan cupboard.
Solo players can not build within the radius of another solo players foundations (cupboard?) or interact with other solo players foundations other then to destroy.

I dont quite know exactly how this would be implemented but pretty much the life of a solo player at the moment is to be bottom feeding cannon fodder and loot bags for the bigger clans.
In my opinion this drives away a lot of potential long term customers for the game. It takes a VERY strict mental capacity to keep relogging and rebuilding after some clan does a drive by on you
only costing them scraps of resources it would of taken the solo player 50x as long to gather.

I know the game is hardcore survival but pretty much the game should have an amendment on the steam store saying that not playing in a clan will GREATLY reduce the quality of the content of this game.

Anyways thanks for your time facepunch, just wanted to add my 2 cents.

Back to getting ground into dust for the 30th time :wink:

The game isn’t balanced because it’s still being made, but you might want to read this by garry, because I’m pretty sure this solo divided from clan idea won’t fly.

Eh i guess its fine if it doesn’t but just saying unless a solo / casual player is hardcore and i mean HARDCORE committed to scratching out their value from this game they are more then likely going to quit and never ever return after being raided the 2nd or even 3rd time.

This is bad for the game’s longevity.

This would also promote diverse game play where there is more choices to be made. Do i go solo and battle the other lone wolfs while maybe collecting some random loot from the fallen clan players or do i join a clan and dominate a server.

I’ll take option 3: build a clan without using clan tags so we won’t be touchable by our competition and decimate the solo players. This idea needs to be scrapped.

I’ll disagree. Being raided and rebuilding is a big part of the Rust experience. Servers wipe after what? 4 weeks anyway? Build up, get your bps, improve your character, and rebuild if you’re wiped out. Thats what Rust is all about.


-> Limited Ressources ( Wood, Ores)
The perfect number of player for a farming tour was max 3 player --> good balanced
The gap between Solo vs Clans is not so huge.

-> nearly Unlimited Ressources (Wood, Ores)
10 guys farming wood = 10X wood gathering This was not possible in Legacy!!
Solo vs Clans is here very unbalanced

Well thats all fine and good but lets examine what rust is.

Rust is an FPS (lets be real here) with survival elements, base building and resource collection.

It is essentially an arcade shooter and thats fine i enjoy that, i also enjoy the other parts of the game. They all bond very well together.

But lets see what i do not enjoy. I do not enjoy starting the second after the servers are wiped a couple days ago and playing for 8 hrs straight only to be a bottom feeder because of my choice not to group.
Thats 8 HOURS i invested as a solo player.

After 4 hours on my server there were already large clans patrolling the map and rocket launching noob huts into the ground.
After 6 they were already onto C4 and had HUGE sprawling bases in the desert and had literally walled off entire sections of the map.

Now again im not complaining this isnt a boo hoo thread, i made my bed and die in it regularly. I want to see the game become great and reach to a larger audience. It has a lot of potential.
BUT with the current meta of the game it is next to impossible for solo players to compete on any serious level and well if they are not competing on a relevant level then they need a level they CAN compete on.
This is called good design, but either rust is a hardcore survival or its an arcade shooter with survival elements and RUST is heavily in the latter side of the court. So lets look at ways to keep the “casuals” happy.

Casual players make the money go round friends if you like it or not.

IF you want to play solo then at the moment it’s a case of finding a server which doesn’t have large groups which effectively means playing on a lower population server - official servers will be very tough as a solo.

I’m not sure that the developer sees the balance in favour of large groups as a problem so at the moment I’d play on a server with 20/40 players or join a group if you want to play on the high pop servers & don’t like S&M.

I have many many hours in Rust and reading forums.
The game and community are very entertaining.

Rust is at the top of the MMPOG food chain.
MMPOG is groups and clans.

I only play occasionally now as solo.
I don’t prefer clan play and have not been PvPing long enough to be able to get long term achievement.
Rust is not about lone wolfing and avoidance. It has succeeded in making the player participate and prosper in groups and clans. This is the Social experiment success of Rust.
Look at the latest You Tube clan bashes and tell me they are not entertaining.
There is enough enjoyment for solo play, just not long term (hardcore PvPs excluded)

Might makes Right.

Sure those large scale clan wars are entertaining in their own right, but i also find great appeal in the lone raider carefully planning out his little raid and risking all his many hours of work on a single take.

There is equal appeal in both scenario’s. BUT what is not equal is the chance of the lone wolf defending his take. That player can be undone in mere minutes with the resources it would take the solo player days to amass yet a clan can have it done in hours.

There is no balance. Perhaps something as simple as a flag or a different color tile set which announces if you are clan or solo affiliated. Clan players cannot attack the solo player tile set and vice versa.

This way i could scout the map for my opponents as a lone wolf and same for clans they could look for the larger groups.

Perhaps even a capture the flag system or a king of the hill feature could be implemented this way where a flag is placed at the top of the tallest mountain for both solo and clans and a point system can be created around who hold the flag the longest or who holds a designated area longest.

Think outside the box people instead of just massive groups blowing each other up endlessly and rebuilding with little effort while the lesser players get smushed and quit.

I cannot really tell about experimental yet, as I played it quite short compared to legacy being soo much longer to get a pvp-able firearm.

But back in legacy, I played like 70-80% of my 100 hours ALONE. And you know what? I had a shitton of fun there. I enjoyed it despite that there were a bunch of OP teams around the map. You could hide your base a lot more easier IMO, living in shitty wooden shacks which were not attacked for days.

As for experimental, I told its soo slow paced, you wont really have the mood to restart the game after death.

Beyond dumb. Go play minecraft.

Thanks for your childish and non constructive reply. Have a nice day.