Solo vs Clans | Why I like modded servers.

“Many new players on official / non modded servers will think that Rust is not fair to them.” - Anonymous.

When I first started playing Rust, I was on non-modded servers all the time. I never had the chance to build a good base. It takes hours and hours to get the useful blueprints, let alone worrying about having a good shelter, defending myself from a wolf, hunting a dear, fearing someone would shoot me with a bow, etc…

To me, non modded servers are the happyland of rich people. By rich, I mean people who play together & those who play 24/7! Solo players are mostly fuc*ed !

Modded servers on the other hand are a complete different story. Many of them offer 2x or 10x or more the amount of normal loot. In a matter of an hour, you get a decent stone base, a bow, and suddenly you don’t have to worry about animals killing you or a man with a pickaxe raiding your wooden base which you probably spent an hour building it and farming wood!

Now all you have to do after setting up a good base is to go hunt after barrels. Place a sleeping bag next to a Rad Town and in few days you’ll have many of the necessary blueprints.

Non modded servers are hostile to solo players because the survival task is so time consuming, and solo players can never survive on a hostile server unless they play for very long continuous hours. If you’re lucky and was able to build a decent stone base, then you’ve crossed a major threat level.

On a modded server, it’s easy to cross that level quickly. Once you are comfortable with your secured base, you start focusing on innovative ways to protect yourself and your base so that bigger clans will suffer when they try to attack you. You will definitely have a bigger and better chance at defending your resources than on a non modded server.

You might argue that the advantage of modded severs is not only affecting solo players, but clans as well. That’s correct, but you’re still in a safer environment compared to normal loot servers. Here, you have more chances to rebuild the damaged parts of your base and re-crafting what has been stolen. You have a better chance at finding unique ways to secure your base, because you have the time to do that!

This whole talk about balancing stuff is -to me- avoidable as long as we have modded servers. Don’t like the time it takes to build a base? Move to a different server with resource multiplier. Can’t survive too long? Join servers which offer a starter kit.

Should the game introduce some sort of a “taxation” system that have more impact on bigger/wealthier player groups? Yes! It makes sense to me. And by taxation, I don’t mean punishment.

I will repeat previous post…

Another option may be a form of taxation with relation to building maintenance and crafting.
Suggestions have been made about a tool cupboard that you need to stock with resources for upkeep of your base. Good idea because the stock pile could be raided as well.

If there are many newman Steam IDs in the vicinity of the cupboard or who are authorized on doors locks, the cost to craft and stock upkeep cupboards while within the cupboard/door lock sphere of influence would be much much greater based on group size. Not to the point of severely punishing, but to put a hurt on and make it increasing difficult to maintain large mega groups.

Like they do in Norway, punish the rich based on income. Traffic tickets are in the tens of thousands for those with wealth.
I love the Scandinavians and their justice mentality.

I don’t necessarily agree with a taxation system, mainly because I see the overall game as it is rather punishing.
Craft times are a bit too high in my opinion. It takes way too much for you to jump into any action. It takes a lot to gather, it takes a lot to smelt, it takes too many furnaces to bring the process to a faster pace and it takes a lot of grind to get the blueprints.
Now here you might disagree with me, because lowering any of things mentioned above would have an impact on how fast would you achieve an “end game” situation. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to do something and be rewarded for it, but I wouldn’t want to spend too much time running around for barrels and hitting resources.
Sure, a faster pace would bring a faster ascension to larger groups, but will also reduce the way it takes you to enjoy the game and it would reduce the upset after you loose your loot. Basically, it takes way too much time to grind than to actually achieve things. Like build the base you always wanted (not always the most practical ways to avoid raiders), do the raids you always wanted.

I truly believe that because you’re always having a rough start (implying you’ll get raided sooner or later), you’ll have to start again with resource collection and base improvements. You keep the blueprints though.

My perspective comes as an admin with two busy servers and one low-pop server, as well as a player on a number of other servers.

This mentality of “clans are invincible and are oppressing solo players” is laughable. You can thrive as a solo player even on a heavily-clanned-up server. If you can’t get a foothold because the server is “just too hard”, find another server to play on.

All of my servers have 3-5 teams in play at any given moment. They might not all be online at the same time, but they’re present on the server. Control of the server rolls around between them and they’re constantly attacking each other or making treaties. There are also a few dozen regular solo players who exist and thrive, gathering resources and staying hidden. Sometimes some of them band together and expand their influence, but for the most part they do just fine on their own.

From time to time, one of the solo players will go pick a fight with one of the clans. A handful of solo players (very rare) will run successful guerrilla campaigns of sniping off team members with bows, hitting supply caches, laying traps, and generally being a pain in the ass to the teams. This is how they enjoy the game, so more power to them. But some of them will go all LEROOY JENKINS and charge a megabase with their assault rifle. Right around the third time they get slaughtered, the cries of “aimbot” and “hacker” start flying.


But most of the solo players are content to live their lives gathering resources and living quietly in their 2x3 hut hidden way somewhere. I don’t know what the point of playing like this is, honestly. Doesn’t seem very fun being cut off from all the action. But whatever, that’s what they do. Some of them get raided, some of them don’t. But it’s clear from watching that solo players can and do survive.

The problem is that some Rust players are seriously disconnected from how life works. If you choose not to team up, then you’re going to have an inherent disadvantage against those who do. Simple as that. Suggesting that Rust implement taxation or autonomous roving robots to “restore fairness” is pretty funny. If you’re on a server where you keep getting slapped around by the bigger teams, then either nut up and form your own team to fight back, or find a server that’s more in line with your skill level. Rust isn’t BarbieCraft; it’s meant to be uncertain. You’re meant to get killed. You’re meant to risk everything (and yes, “risk everything” really does mean "you might lose everything).

You don’t have to like it. Hell, you don’t even have to agree with me. But that’s the way the game works. That’s the point of the game.

If you suck at the game, don’t demand that the devs punish those who don’t.


@aouniat As a solo player (like me) you need to use the “quality instead of quantity” tactic.
The gameplay as a solo player is completely different, its more a hide and survival game than base building and shoot everything you face.

You will always be weaker than every clan you face, but thats the challenge and i love that :slight_smile:

How do you define wealth ? by the number of chest in the radius of a tool cupboards ? by the amount of explosive you have? by the size of your base? its all non-sense to me.

maybe you dont like vanilla servers because it takes you too much time to build a base or whatever, but a lot of people have no problem with it. Believe it or not, after you get raid 1, 2, 5 times, you start to learn some tips and tricks, and you build better. then you get raided less and less. then starting out and building a base in 2 hours is a piece of cake, solo. I’m not talking big ass bases. just small but well protected bases. you dont need a lot of space in rust. most of people build multi-floor bases as big as their ego, but actually you rarely need bigger than 3x3 for a 2-3 members team.

tax system is not workable in rust and not needed reign of kings may use this system this is to make people attack the king we don’t have the same system here nor do we want it so a NO vote from me.

I’ve been only playing solo, i love the thrill. Although, it’s really true that you must have a whole bunch of time to settle and start sniping crew members :slight_smile:

You do not need s base. Walking the land as a vagabond. Learn the lay of the land. Hide when groups pass by. Craft guns in furnaces you find in abandoned shacks shacks. Lurk… Befriend a stranger… Or kill him.

The idea of a survival game is to survive… the game is more about survival as a solo player then it is as a clan play. Group players in general so quickly dominate in regards to resources and other materials, that there is nothing survival about the game for them beyond raiding or getting raided.

I live as a solo player on a part of the map where few people come. On that part i have made 5 bases. Two of those are huge. I go out to scout the island when i want. At time i get killed by people who wander in my area. I rarely kill people. But i also have a good relationship with a few bigger clans so most of the time they leave me alone.

The biggest problem for solo players is, if they want to live in a more “nice” area, that they get constantly gang-raid all the time. When you as a solo player can build up a base that is defensible against other solo players, you have in general no change against groups.

A clan on my server had after the wipe and a week later 70+ C4’s already stock pilled, a base the size of 10*10 or more? and a unknown number of rockets.

Your little base is so easy for them to open. So if they go out every night, they can hit 2,3,4,5 bases in one single game session. That is the problem. And that is just one clan. When you have 200 sleepers/players on the servers, that is a lot of constant raiding going on.

As a solo players you are forced to live like a rabbit in the middle of nowhere. Do i love running long times for resources? HELL NO! But it beats living closer to the resources and getting raiding every night! And it does not take C4 to raid stone bases… It takes me maybe 6 or 7 pickaxes to break one wall and a lot of time ( 20min? ). It takes a group of players the same amount off pickaxes but a fraction of the time.

The end result is, that they do not even need C4 a lot of times. In 2 or 3 minutes they break down walls like they are not even there. No matter the base defenses you gain as a solo player, you are f*cked if a group walks by and wants to look inside your base.

I find personally that there is too little survival content in the game. For a newbie player its hard and you will die. But a experienced player even starting as naked without a single resource, it only takes maybe 20 a 30 minutes and very little survival of the elements is left. The lack of predators is more or less a issue. That makes other players the biggest threat and frankly, … you do NOT stand a change against clans as a solo player. You can take out maybe one or two. But if they group up, your done. Most of the time when you have a bow, they are already running around with AK47’s and metal armor ( many hands make for a lot of BP / Resources / … ).

The game is nice but for now, its nothing but a glorified deathmatch.

That is how the game describes itself.

  • Struggle with hunger / thirst: Unless your a total newbie, you solve that problem withing 10 minutes of starting naked. A bunch of cooked wolf and you have 1000 points in your food / water and you do not need food for weeks. A player yesterday said: “You know its not a survival game when after a hour of game playing, your already trowing away food in favor of other materials”.

  • Cold? You have basic clothing within 15 minutes of playing. Unless you live in snow area’s, the cold is hardly a problem.

  • Shelter: 25 minutes and you have a basic hut protection you from animals.

  • Protect yourself from other players… now here comes the big and difficult task where solo vs group becomes a problem.

  • Form a town? Very few servers have people forming a town. Most of the time its nothing but a glorified clan.

So the game basically comes down to: “protect yourself from other players”. From that entire description, its only that one line that has any real impact in the game. And again … groups will always will against solo players. I said so in a other topic, there needs to be more real survival aspect.

A tax system in Rust? Get the f*#k out of here!

Benjiro, you’re describing one of the most basic strategies for human survival ANYWHERE. it will always be harder to survive solo. The whole reason we escaped living in caves wrapped in dead animals is because we figured out long ago that by grouping together, we could make the act of surviving trivial. That IS survival, so if you can’t accept that in rust, you will naturally have a harder time surviving. It’s like playing a first person shooter and using only your knife. It can be fun as hell but don’t think for a second that it’s the way the game was meant to be played when you get mad because someone shot you in the face.

“Form a town? Very few servers have people forming a town. Most of the time its nothing but a glorified clan.”

I would argue that the only reason you don’t see more towns is because people would rather flock to the forums and complain that their incorrect playstyle isn’t working as easily as it should. Let’s not figure out what we can do ourselves to increase our solo survivability, let’s just whine until it gets easier! This game is very open in what you can do with it if you’re willing to learn it.

Who said survival is about creating big large armies and going around killing and destroying everything in their paths. Like some renaissance crusader ship stripping humanity of its diversity.

Survival has really been about fighting the elements for the greater good and the well being of others. Where’s that survival game? The one that demands groups band together to survive external challenges rather than to oppress the weak.

MMPOG is a microcosm of our trained society full of want and destruction. Just a video game, I guess. A valid contribution to the existing norm. A creative expression of what is popular today. Add zombies back for better realism. Its not going to change for quite a while longer, is it.

Get stuffed you left wing retard. gathering together in groups so we can destroy everything in our path is what humans have been doing for tens of thousands of years.

FDR is frowning down from Liberal Heaven at you.

7 days to die is that way ----->

I can get you some spiders to pull the legs off if you would like.

My monitor is broken because it looks like this says “add zombies back for better realism”. Someone please confirm thx.

I laught at this one. No amount of armored walls is gonna protect you from that no-clipping wolf who glitch itself through your walls and eat you while you sleep. the only protection is to build up, seriously.

even if you build inside a rock, the wolf with counter-glitch you, penetrate your rock, walls, and eat you.