Looks pretty cool. Nice work on this.

I love it!

Beautiful lighting.

This is an interesting work. Keep it up.

Very nice work!

Excellent work, I love the lighting! The scenebuild is good also, but I think you could have added some more ‘home’ features so that even without the text, we’d be able to see the significance of the building/visit. For instance, a car, a mailbox, etc. Also, you could have emphasized your story by adding scorched props like burnt wood around the scene. Other than that, I’m very impressed with what you made. The story gives it a lot more depth, but next time try to tell the story by only using your picture. Then the story won’t become as needed but more to put it over the top! Excellent!

I don’t understand why everyone is liking the lighting. Sure it looks good on the people, but there are weird shadows everywhere and I just keep seeing shading that looks out of place. Which direction is the light coming from? Some of the shadows are floating as if nothing were underthem to also be shaded, and you could have zoomed in just a tad. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, but it is an improvement of your other work.

What makes this image great isn’t the lighting or the posing or scenebuilding, but it’s the imagery and emotion it evokes. I think this is a good example of an image being just technically competent to allow the underlying concept and emotional intent to be the focus without detracting from it.

This is kind of a ‘golden zone’ of comics posing.

this is amazing- I would love to see the originals



original pic

this looks pretty good. i don’t like the one in the op, it’s too dark.