Hello everyone,

I’ll put is as simple as possible the solution. Just follow the steps:

  1. Have you server reinstalled using different ports (if possible, different IP)
  2. use the following command line at your “.bat” server starter: “true”
  3. Do not use too many open slots (500 and beyond). Use 100 at maximum.
  4. Download and install "AntiDDOS Guardian from here:
  5. After installation, click at the “IMPORT IP LIST”, then “Do not clear…”
  6. Choose Russia.httaccess --> a message “The IP list has been succesfully merged” will appear
  7. Do the same with CHINA and every country you do not want access from
  8. Click at ANTI-DDOS icon, and then at BANDWITH TAB. Then lower “Client Bandwith” (options 4.1 and 4.2) to 256k
  9. Click at UDP BANDWITH TAB, and then lower “UDP ingress Bandwith” and “UDP egress Bandwith” to 256 (options 6.1, 6.2, 6.4 and 6.5)

OTHER MEASURES: install rusty and KICK/BAN every user with too high ping.

Have fun kicking some Russian Hackers butt.



You’re told shit, info 100%

Another measure:

  1. Click at ANTI-DDOS options
  2. Change “Block suspect IP Addresses…” to 1800.

BTW, my server is online now, with no lag. Come here wanabe hackers…

Lol, you blocked few countrys and told me then your server has stable uptime?
Stupid variant for stupid server owners.

Sorry, dear russian…

If your Country, just like China (and a few others) does not have a decent legislation to avoid cybercrimes, then all your people will pay.In fact, most sites (and I am not talking on game servers) are presently blocking connections from RUSSIA/CHINA and others due this.

PLUS: Why would I want connectioms from users that does not speak my language? In fact, that should be an internal option to the RUST server.

AND… Since I placed that solution running, I’m online with no LAGS or attacks.

So, if you your government allows you to do watever you want, I’m sorry, but your destiny is to be segregated.

And yes, I will do watever I want with MY Server. This is called Capitalism.

Fuck all Communist Russian Hackers! Kiss my ass!

Tell me then, why for gods sake are there german, british, french, austria, ireland … EU Ips in there too ? Might be that you block a few with it, but not all, without locking yourself out.

It is perfectly normal that, when you host a server, you desire that the users of it would speak your language.

So, if you do not want any other country but YOUR country to have access, you should have the option to do so.

This is happening more and more with localized sites. If you do not have intenational objectives with your site (a local company), why would you allow access from distant countries?

SPECIALLY, cerftain number of countries from where 95% of the attacks come from?

Today is very normal to have those “.httaccess” restrictions in a vast number of sites, since everyone is really FEDUP of getting attacks from RUSSIA, CHINA, HONG KONG, etc…

But, the most important is: I MUST HAVE the freedom to chose who will connect to my server. I am the one paying for it. I’m the one having headches with this. So why woudn’t I have the right to chose?

Do you want your site/game-server to be invaded/DDOSED to hell by chinese and Russian hackers? Go ahead! Its your choice! But do not ask me to go in the same ROAD. I will allow access only to whoever I want.

This is Freedom. And if Facepunch does not implement it, I’ll do it myself.

BTW, my server is now running for hours like a champ!



Fuck yeah!

Since he is speaking english, I am assuming he is from a country with english as its primary language, so British would be no issue.

In his defence, most EU countries, whether they speak German, French, Gaelic etc. They generally speak english on an english server. Most I have seen anyways.

Some people see it as good manners to speak the language of the server you join, others don’t care. I personally don’t care what people speak, but some seem to find it annoying when chat is flooded with foreign language.

As he said, it’s his server, he can do as he wishes.

Im curious is your server still up now?

He’s a spammer trying to sell you something.

Or, install snort and create a rule to drop any and all packets to your game port where message type is 4…

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You do know that with all the VPN’s, proxies and zombies out there, the actual attacker might as well be your next-door neighbor… right? There’s no way (for us at least) to be certain as to where the attacker lives, regardless of the reported IP address.

Could you share your custom rule? I’ve installed snort, but never tried it…

All it will take is a team effort. Something always fails along the pipeline. Since most of what your doing is at one of the top tier layers there’s still a lot that will disrupt your server. For instance your internet link, your home router. Your cpu/nic still has to check and process most of those packets so it will smash your cpu usage during a serious attack. Some actuve anti ddos programs also have a shotgun effect where when they can’t keep up they will drop legitimate packets interupting connections.

Boasting about it will just encourage people to attack your server. If you just keep to yourself and fly under the radar it would probably work more effectively.

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Also a ddos attack exploits incorrectly configured servers or systems to send massive requests it rarely ever originates from the hackers machine.

How cool would it be if Rust was put up on Github as an open source project? Doing so would allow FP to leverage the community to fix bugs. Sure, it would open the code up to hackers initially but the holes would get patched, rather than new exploits being discovered and exploited at the convenience of the hackers.

Receiving $30 million from sales, and than releasing the source… lol that would cause a massive shit storm.


An open source project requiring a commercial Unity license…

Somehow I don’t think that’s even possible without a lot of work, never mind in the studio’s best interests in the long or short term.

what’s your server name/info?

Wish I had one… Renting my server with Nitrous Networks, don’t think they’ll allow me to configure their firewall :stuck_out_tongue: