Solution for "ERROR: short conversion out of range" when using Rescaler.exe

I do not know if this has been found out before but I just did.

I kept getting “ERROR: short conversion out of range” on models that I was able to rescale before. I now found a fix by using a other studiomdl.exe.
If using Rescaler.exe (Cannonfodder made a decompiler and had link to that) set the studiomdl path to --> X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps<your name here>\source sdk base 2007\bin. (X = wherever you installed steam).

With this done I no longer get that the error and it completes all tasks.

I hope this helps for others aswell.

Rescaler? Is this some kind of tool that rescales models or what? You could always use $scale <bool> in the qc otherwise.

Here is the link to what I use,

Why don’t you just use the $scale command in the QC file?
The $scale command does not adjust eye vectors (for eye posing) and does not adjust VTA files (for face posing). My application does both!

Most handy.

I always use this program since it retains eye posing and face posing. :buddy: