Solution for griefing.

When i was raided i think thats not a problem. I repair all and then i can start a new try. But the biggest problem is that certain people grief in every raid. They build half block in the entrance etc. Its not very hard to grief another guy. When the enemy use 6C4 and pickaxe through many rooms then its very presumably that they reach the cupboard on small houses.
My suggestion: You must destroy the cupboard to build in the area and the cupboard need 2C4 for destroying.
How affect this gameplay: when someone hate another guy he will spend this 2C4 but at the most time the raider would think:thats not worth. But this suggestion need some changes in the copboard system. Garry said that multiple cupboards in one cupboard range are bad and i think they block it later.

Whats your feedback?

It can work if only who have placed the cupboard is able to build, or the cupboard must have a system of authentication and the owner must authenticate his friends.

Yes only the guy which build the cupboard can give building privileges. An Assign to friend menu like the sleeping bag menu would be needed.

I would make the master cupboard harder then 2 C4. Maybe 3-4 C4. And only usable by the builder.

And i would make the cupboard not expensive. Starter need a cheap cupboard. The expensive part must be the lock. Th lock must be a high tier item.


Got an idea… maybe we could put a codelock on the cupboard so builder and friend can authorise and raider need C4 to destroy it!


I hope garry has a better idea.

There is no perfect solution for griefing. If someone wants to hurt your feeelings in a multiplayer game, have unlimited time on their hands, they can and will do it.

We cant stop griefing thats right. But we can make griefing harder.

If you make the cupboard difficult to destroy and impossible for a stranger to authenticate on, then people would just spam them. They would just hide 3 cupboards in their cupboard room instead of 1 or make many more cupboards. A ring of cupboards around your base? Why not? No one can authenticate and it would make your base impossible to take over.

This is not good gameplay because what you say “prevents griefing” also prevents someone from breaking into your house and making it their own - an activity that should be encouraged in game.

  1. only 1 cupboard in cupboard range (garry said it in another thread)
  2. the normal cupboard can be captured like the actual cupboard.
  3. the lock for the cupboard must be extremly expensive --> no cupboard spam everywhere

Wrong I have a solution. Greifers get reported to me and I build a list. For a price I will travel the world hunting these sub humans and putting them out of all our misery. Problem solved

How much?

Here is a good solution for griefing

put codelock on cupboard

if you autorise with codelock you can upgrade building parts
if you autorise without code, you can only place twig

twig is easy to destroy after the raid/grief

Expenses plus lol and the adulation of all gamers everywhere

its now easier to grief now that cupboards have been nerfed

How about a builder foundation instead of cupboard?

It’s a different color that only the person who placed it… or people who they authorize… from a menu… like when you give a sleeping bag to someone… can see it.

None of these solutions allow someone to break into a house and take it over - an activity which should be encouraged.

What about just giving all doors building privy, if you know the door code then you have privy, if you want to take the base over you need to destroy all the doors, which would be a part of taking over a building anyway.

Or only the builder can use it… Problem solved.