Solution for House Ownership: The SledgeHammer

If you guys haven’t seen it, one of things Garry, Patrick and the guys are working on is the issue of house ownership. The trello card is linked bellow. I think I have a simple, easy solution.

The Sledgehammer: an expensive craftable item that allows you to destroy one structural object (pillar, wall, ceiling) that YOU have placed on your own foundation. The Sledgehammer is consumed upon use, and the structural object is destroyed.

-This will solve the issue of either building a new house from scratch or leaving your house open and vulnerable when you want to expand.
-Due to the large cost, it would not be viable to create a door-less house and use them (and replace X number of walls) every time you needed to go inside your home.
-You could easily include a hierarchy where you could not destroy a pillar with wall/ceiling attached, could not destroy a foundation with pillar attached etc. This would prevent someone from building a floating house by knocking out the pillars after it’s built.
-Since you can only use it on your object on your foundation, and the object is destroyed on use, it prevents any raider abuse of removing their “raid kit” and using it again on the next house.

What do you guys think?

I think this is a great idea!

It allows a good solution for us to remove misplaced pillars and expand our base when needed.

Only issues I can think of:
-The realists…people might complain because “If you can destroy a wall with this sledge hammer why can’t I destroy someone else’s wall?” This is not a problem for me, just putting it out there.
-raid scars…This solution wont help us with getting rid of objects built when your house is raided (stairs on the side of your base for example). Maybe if something is built on YOUR foundation by someone else, after X amount of time you WOULD be able to remove it (ie, it becomes part of YOUR base after a period of time and could be removed).

Only thing I’d change …

Sledgehammer shouldn’t be destroyed on use. But maybe durable? And it still takes a few hits to destroy it (you don’t get the item back, that’s a big enough punishment).

And yes it should be useable on anything attached on the original foundation. Making it useable on enemy staircases etc.

Yes a durability system might work, or we could even call it a “deconstruction kit” that is consumed on use but you would get the item (wall,pillar, etc) back when you used it. Clearly there would be some balancing to do (Do we get the item back?, is the hammer destroyed on use?), but I think the idea is a solid solution.

Someone also pointed out that u could get a portion of “usable” materials back. Like a couple of planks from a wooden ceiling and a couple of low quality metal from a metal ceiling.

I totally agree a sledge hammer should never be consumed in one use, however I also agree with everything else. They already have a durability system in place just make it lose dura. It should be expensive to craft. (planks and large amount of L.Q.M for the head of the hammer)

Im not sure what the point of making it expensive to make would be. The main problem with rust atm is that its basically impossible to progress as you can starting building something and the next time you log in it will have been half destroyed anyway which kinda makes it a one play session game on a lot of servers.

Misplacing pillars or something is no where near as big of a problem as the extremy cheap cost it takes to grief a base.

Not just what YOU placed, everything which is placed on YOUR foundation (like in Oxide).
So people can grief you, but you can get rid of the mess later.
I would love that.

Some good points, do we really want to make it super expensive to take down the pillars and stairs someone has attached to your base? Probably not…

IF we make the hammer cheap to construct:
-We would for sure need some sort of hierarchy for distruction (ie, all walls doorways and pillars would need to be take down before a foundation could be removed) - This prevents people from making floating bases and other silly things with the cheep sledge hammer.
-If its too cheep it would be pretty easy to have a doorless base. You just knock down a wall and use only 4 planks to replace it when you leave or enter.
-One problem I mentioned earlier is that if its too easy to removed things other people are putting up then you could stop a raid in its tracks, tho I think with this idea and having the hammer be a melee item that pretty much solves this (You will get gunned down if you try and go out to knock down the stairs. ) - I had suggested there be a timer on things that you didnt build personally that are attached to your base that would have to expire before you could take down the “raid scars”

The point of it is, to expand you shouldn’t really need to take out more than one wall or ceiling, so it can be used single use for that. If you make it "durable’ or multi-use, or cheap to make, then players will create an entirely door-less base, and simply use the Sledgehammer to come and go as they please. Which is not it’s intended use.

A higher cost item (30 LQM?) would be perfect balance, because if you are ready to expand your base, that means you are at a place where you could reasonably acquire it. Players that couldn’t afford it generally wouldn’t need it, and it’s still expensive enough that well-established players wouldn’t want to make 7 of them just to get into their base and abuse it. One use, knock out that one ceiling, put stairs up and you’re good to expand!

I think what the real problem is, is that if its really expensive to build a one time use hammer, then how can one afford to remove all the shit people built on your base. Yes its awesome for misplaced pillars and removing a ceiling or wall for expansion but it would be way to expensive to build that many hammers for say a 5 story base that had stairs built to the top. We are talking 10 pillars, 1 foundation and 5 stairs. Thats 16 hammers you would need. Thats gonna get out of hand. New type of greifing, build as much shit as possible on someones base so they never can get it back to normal.

The Sledgehammer would not be need to fit that role in my opinion. Stairs, boxes, barricades etc. can already be destroyed by just wacking them with a hatchet, so it doesn’t need to do that. Pillars outside your base should be built up anyways, removing them only allows the next raider to do the same thing.

Now if you are referring to greifing, like pillaring inside, that can’t be solved by the Sledgehammer because that allows raiders to use the Sledgehammer on YOUR pillars, just as you would be able to use it on theirs.

Ya I agree there are two separate problems here:

  1. How can I remove a pillar when misplaced or how can I take out a wall or ceiling when I want to expand.
  2. How can I get rid of these “raid scars”.

They may want to solve both of these problems with one system, they may decide not to, who knows. That’s what these discussions are for :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, it might not be necessary to have a system in place for “raid scars” because you can destroy stairs and you need pillar protection etc., but im pretty sure people want a system to deal with this. Does anyone know if they have talked specifically about letting people remove “raid scars”

Here is the way to balance out the sledgehammer idea:

-First, make it where if you are destroying multiple storied homes, that the rest of the building will collapse if enough support structures are destroyed. For instance, destroy enough pillars, and it will destroy any ceilings above it, as well and whatever that ceiling supports.

-Second, make it where the sledgehammer can destroy any fortifications, with the trade-off that it takes up both hands, is lengthy to switch out and back in, and causes you to move slower even if you do not have the sledgehammer equipped (it simply has to be in your inventory). This way, you are forced to either build on-site, or become very exposed as you move to your destination. For raiders, the slowness of the sledgehammer will make it essential to have friends with you, as well as forcing you to drop the sledgehammer for someone else to find when escaping.

I believe those are two good solutions to balancing out a tool such as the sledgehammer.

Really great idea! I love it! That makes it more realistic than just “deleting” the wall.

I know Helk was on earlier, maybe he’d want to weigh in here?

I’d understand if it’s all-hands on deck for today’s patch though. Just a thought.