SOLUTION: Hammer text fix for ATI cards

I have found the fix for the text bug.

Download ATI Tray Tools. Now right click on the tray icon and go to “3D”, “Additional Options” then tick “Alternate pixel centers”. Thats it, go into Hammer it’s all normal.

thanks same sam thanks for finding and posting the solution


But seriously thanks man.

Brilliant fix. Now I can use my other system for mapping too.



wait nvm, it fixes that, but it fucked up the model browser text.

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Damn yeh just saw that myself, I don’t know how to fix that. It will have to either be a nice grid numbers or normal model browser.

switch it when your going into the model browser

That’s an awful lot of extra clicking everytime you want to switch between the 2.

Or use the standard model browser instead of the VGUI one?

Can you preview the model with the standard model browser?

What bug are you talking about?

As long as it has a picture assigned to it, yes.

Are you sure you found this by yourself?
This has been posted for a while now.

It also fucks up the text in source games.

Sorry for that video post, was a bit wonky that night.

Crashes hammer and source games on startup with these tray tools turned on…

Win 7, 64 bit, 7100 build.

The only reason why someone should buy an ATI card, is because… Erm…


Nothing wrong with ATI.

Nothing at all.

Getting great preformance from this card, just a tiny issue here… :v

And the fix does work if I turn the tools off… Contacted Ray Adams (Author of said tools) to see if there’s something we can do.

He suggested using a Game Profile. (He uses hammer too. :v:)

Can someone set this up and try it?

Hammer crashes for me if I have the ATT tools open so I can’t try it.

It appears that mine GPU’s are nVidia in disguise. I never had those problems.