Solution needed for a pakrat problem and gmod maps

So I have never made a gmod map using custom content until now,

one thing that boggles me is, If I have always used half life 2 deathmatch or Counter strike source, will the .vmt be downloaded into the half life 2 deathmatch folder and will be unable to be loaded from the map? or will the files be downloaded into the perspective /sound folder and the .vmt will be directing to an inexistant .vtf?

I need to know if I will be able to continue without needing to make a Garrysmod file in source sdk.

Just pick hl2 episode 2 as setting in orange box engine. And when you are done, you just export all content you used from ep2 folder into gmod. And it will work.

So what you are saying is, I must place the textures and sounds into the perspective folders in garrysmod/garrysmod and manually use pakrat to find the edited .vmt’s and such all within the garrysmod folder and it will work?

but won’t the map think the materials and sounds it saw earlier are different than what is being downloaded, and errors will still popup?

I don’t know what on earth you are on about, but content packed into a bsp pretends it is in the correct place on the hard drive, but never actually leaves the pack. For example I make a map in ep2, and have a custom sound, sounds\custom\boink.mp3. I use the VIDE custom pakfile editor (pakrat but cooler) to include it in the bsp. I then copy the map over to Garysmod, and garrysmod thinks that boink.mp3 exists in the folder sounds\custom on the hard disk, even though it never leaves the bsp. it’s because all source games reference from the same folder, so it doesn’t matter which game you load the content up in.

That clears up everything!

Thank you!