Solution on how to fix NPC Animation

Hello, I was having this problem where when I spawn NPC’s, their movement would lag (performance lag), but everything else would be smooth. This even happened when I got 60 FPS. I lowed all my settings, and it still lagged. This even happened on Multiplayer.
If you are experiencing this problem, I have found the fix for it.

Go into your CFG folder in the Garry’s Mod folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\cfg).

Right click, then create a new TXT document. Open the text document, then click SAVE AS. For the name of the file, name it, “autoexec.cfg” without the quotes. After it is saved, close the document, then delete the .txt one, but DO NOT delete the one you have just saved.

Then you are done.
Have fun without any NPC lag :slight_smile:

That wont fix anything.
The TXT has no data, thus making it useless, and not solving anything.

No, seriosly it does work. It’s a CFG file, not a TXT.
It will work, trust me.

I know it’s a CFG, but it’s used to force commands on startup everytime you run the game, and if you put nothing in the CFG, no data is executed, thus no difference occurs.

I highly doubt it’s from just creating the CFG.

I’ll tell you how I found this solution. I was installing a mod, and then it told me to put these writing into autoexec.cfg in the CFG folder. I couldn’t find the autoexec.cfg, so i created one using a txt document. Before I created the autoexec.cfg, I had this NPC lag problem. So after I did all that installing, I tried the mod, and it didn’t work. But the NPC’s didn’t lag anymore. They were smooth. So, i delete the autoexec.cfg, then it lagged again. I recreated the CFG file without any txt in it, and then it went smooth again.
So, explain that.

Well I don’t know.
But usually nothing would happen.

just tell both garry and valve to fix that shit

p.s your fix didn’t fix any shit

Thanks a lot, i was having this issue as well and doing this solved it, i don’t know how it did seeing its a blank file and all but it corrected the laggy NPC animation.

I don’t even know what started the NPC animations to act like this, one day it was fine, next day they started acting like frames was taken out of their animation even though the frame rate was around 60fps in the game. Didn’t install anything (add on related), didn’t delete anything, validating did nothing either. i was just about to reinstall when someone (awesomealvin) posted to try this over at the steam forums.

Thanks a lot