Solution to base griefing

With sleeper servers, the need for the ability to not be able to build on another players house is more apparent than ever…
It sucks waking up and finding walls and pillars placed randomly through your house and you can’t do anything about it.
Raiding will always be a part of this game, and removing the ability to build on someones house to get in a window or whatever won’t crush the ability to raid. All that needs to be done is implement craftable items that you can get up someones house with, such as a “crude ladder” And make all of these new raiding items easily destroy able by players so that there is no griefing with foundations and what not.

tell me what you think

Ladders would be awesome and grappling hooks would be great too.

I was all ready to come in here and call you an idiot, but this is actually a good idea.

Ladders would be awesome, almost as awesome as fixing the bugs with ramps so people cant place them down even if there’s pillars on the block (because they currently can)

That is a great idea!! Ladders would be great!

more metal doors then you can dream off and a lot of things that slow people down
so you are safe and try to make an outer metal wall wich defends you pretty well

Doesn’t change the part where people will build crap around your entrance