Solution to everyones complaints

I posted this idea in the middle of another thread but I’m afraid it lost viewership because of that, so here it is.

Everyone has different ideas of what the game should be. Some want to just build in peace without C4. Others want rocket launchers and attack helicopters. There are others that were angry the zombies were removed.
The solution is to give the server admins choice. Allow servers when they setup the game to choose what npcs they want, and choose what weapons they want. Create server options where they can choose dinosaurs or robots or military for the npc enemy. You already have the model for zombies. Add that back in and give them a choice.

I noticed the new item creator post also. We can get a huge database of items created by the community and then allow the servers to choose the item sets they want. Servers can make dark ages themed, or future themed.

Another good idea that was posted, was locked teams. Split the map and be put on a team to fight other teams for your areas. So many options for servers

This game has so much potential, why lock it down to 1 set of items or have to choose 1 group of npcs for all servers.

Think about how much replayability this would create. Every server you join would be like a whole new game.

Yeah, in the past the devs have done things in this general direction but if they were to step it up to this level it would really be beneficial IMO.

That sounds good tbh! I like the fact, the admin will choose what they want the game to look like!

Best. Compromise. Ever.
Lé Win over all this shit!
Especially this line: This game has so much potential, why lock it down to 1 set of items

Let the S.T.A.L.K.E.R’s be S.T.A.L.K.E.R’s & the neanderthals be neanderthals!

Sever owners already have lots of options (per mods) for fine-tuning the loot tables and so on. I definitely agree Admins should have options and powers to change certain aspects of the game (which they do). But it’s really impractical to suggest the developers put in NPC assets (like dinosaurs) that wont be used unless admins activate it. In order for game development to work you need a cohesive vision and they shouldn’t waste time on features that the mod community will probably produce on it’s own.

Just wait for the final game to be modded with every theme and character model imaginable.

Alot of the features added into the game during the past couple of months started as a mod.

Seems like a lot of work for the devs, who already have pretty full plates…

Could you imagine the complicated logic, coding, art, etc, etc that would go into making any server totally customizable? That’s not a compromise, that’s telling the devs to do everything so that we can nitpick the parts that we want.

Coding it to be customize-able is the easy part. Just a window with drop down boxes where you select item groups and npcs, that tells the server what to load. The hard part would be the modelling and animation of all the items and npcs. Thats i where i think the community could step in and help.

A number of those ideas were planned or in the works before the mod frameworks even existed; the modding community just concentrated on single specific features faster than the devs (who have to do everything in the game).

True enough, but overall a strong modding community is generally good for any game. Don’t flame me for using WoW as an example but it’s the one that really pops out to me… Many of the features available in-game now were mods first, enough interest was shown towards these mods and Blizzard implemented them into the game. I’m not saying all the changes were good, but you get the point.

steam workshop n whatnot, DINO RUST! BOOYAH! replace animals with velociraptors, noob launchers that have a backpack as “bait” that launch said noob into oblivion

Fucking fuck this is the best idea ever.
We need to have Dino age items, medieval age items, modern age items, and future age items… but admins choose what they want! This is such a great point! If everyone thinks they want something different out of the game, we should shove it all into the game, but just let the admins choose what items or theme they want to use! Even if you aren’t an admin you can still play the game the way you want by finding a server with the item sets and themes you like. Fucking. Brilliant. Your medal is in the mail.