Solution to MANY, MANY prop hunt exploits

I probably don’t have a good reputation on these forums assuming people remember me from last year. However now that I have refreshed my outlook on forum interaction I will be able to communicate with you in a more professional fashion. Anyway, in this game we are no stranger to exploits (mouse exploit, outside the map exploit) and these game be solved by creating a minimum theoretical prop size. What I mean by that is that the props will have a minimum virtual size while still looking to be whatever size they are modeled to look they won’t be able to go outside the castle map as a bottle or under the dumpster in the office. I understand that this game is likely not receiving any more updates based on what I have seen but this seems to me like a functional and effective solution

This would be pretty easy to implement, too. However would there be different minimum prop sizes for different maps or would it just be a standard across all maps?

Across the board minimum prop sizes, there is no need to make exceptions