[Solved] Offsetting a rotation

This should be really simple but I’m brainfarting please help.

local headPos, headAng = ply:GetBonePosition(headBone)

I need to offset headAng by 90 degrees on pitch. I tried this but it just stopped my original angle from working at all.
Angle:RotateAroundAxis( Vector axis, number rotation)

Maybe you should show what you are inputting into Angle:RotateAroundAxis?

This is what I entered
headAng:RotateAroundAxis(headAng:Right(), 90)

This returns nil for some reason

Nevermind of course it returns nil lol.
I thought that this would return a value but it actually sets headAng my bad

Another question is there a way to set this topic to solved?

Needs to be on the “help & support” section I believe, try doing it now.

Not seeing an option to close thread or set as solved. I will put [Solved] in title for now

On the bottom right of the reply you want to mark as the solution.

Thanks I got it :smile: