Solved the problem of Airdrops/C4/Bolt Action Rifle Easily enough

Put all the drops on the bears/wolves. No more air drops, everyone has equal access to the same drops. A lot of our problems that we are having with the game, can be solved by creative Admin of individual servers.

Removed Research kits, and the only place to get C4/Grenades is from killing. Playing with the drop rate at the moment to counter over spreading of bases but for the most part it’s working out.

how does removing research kits help? then you cant research any other items to build, like the metal building materials, no learning how to make weapons or any armor past cloth…This seems to cause more problems than it solves

I do believe there’s a plugin for Oxide that disables researching certain items.

Man u haven’t solved air drop problem - u ignored it.
It’s like your car had broken down and instead of reparing it u would switch to public transportation saying “solved the car problem” - well not really man.

Thing about air drop is that it’s RANDOM event which lets u obtain RARE items. This means ppl will want to get it…when u add random factors to it as where it happens + u got no clue how many ppl will come it’s huge fun.

Farming animals for loot is plain boring and it basically means that anyone can loot every item there is - just matter of time and luck.

Wait, since when were airdrops a problem? I always thought it was a fun mechanic, getting everyone together, firefights, or even a diplomatic sharing of the goods.

Supply drops can still be used as admin for a focal point, by putting in mass amounts of a particular resource, or whatever else they want.

The fact is, supply drops account for how much of the pvp on a server? Whereas people fighting at rad towns accounts for most of it. Keeping people farming keeps people out in the wild. Keeps pvp active on a server.

I’ve witnessed 50+ airdrops, and they’ve always been so far off that I’ve never reached them before they’ve been looted, or I’ve run into a group of 10 guys. Can’t make explosives nor metal buildings.

Strong get stronger and the weak suffer. While this will always be the case in games that gives such a huge amount of freedom, it gets boring.

This is exactly why I moved all the drops to the AI (net.connect While air drops might have extra treats in them (maybe kevlar drops, with no research kits these won’t be so OP) But everyone has access to the same items, which will allow for more skill ful play, rather than winning because of gear.