Solving the Waiting For Server Issue

Before the GitHub bug site disappeared, I had a ticket in there along with a bunch of other tickets (and replies to tickets) sharing a problem that under certain conditions I cannot login to the game. I get hung up at “Waiting for Server” and the game never logs in and never returns to the server menu. Looking in the console or the log you see recurring messages of “> condition still not met:ServerManagement.Get()”

I did some experimenting and I have the source of the issue narrowed down to more than just some random series of events. The hope is that someone on the forum has an idea of the next step.

The condition is as follows: On a laptop; connecting to the internet through a 4G Clear Wireless device (which I think uses the Sprint network) that is hardwired into the laptop (but wirelessly connecting to it does the same thing), I always, 100% of the time, get stuck at Waiting for Server. It doesn’t matter if I use the latest stable build or the dev build. It doesn’t matter what server is picked. That same wireless router allows normal internet surfing. It allows play of BF4 online. It allows playing of MMOs online. It allows playing of the DAYZ mod online. So far i have only been ‘stuck’ when connecting to Rust.

If I unplug that 4G modem/router and plug in an older 3G Verizon Wireless card, and connect to a server I am able to get all the way into the game and play. Same laptop. Same client version. Same USB port. Same wire even. The only difference is the Verizon card versus the Clear Wireless modem/router combo.

If I hard wire the laptop into my cable modem, it plays fine. If I wirelessly connect to the cable modem, it plays fine.

So that would all seem to indicate that when Rust gets to the point of “Waiting for Server” it is seeking some sort of data from the server back to the client. However, my client is not receiving it when on the Clear Wireless Modem/router. As a test, I tried to port forward all of the ports (1 to 65535) to the IP address of the laptop and that had no affect.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any thoughts on other tweaks to try?

I get exactly this, unable to play since I’ve bought this game, nobody has helped me yet to solve this…
Waste of my money. :confused: