Some actual moderation on

If you have seen lately, you can see its full of Map copies, Backgrounds and completly, unrelated crap. But it never gets removed. It gets the front page until more Backgrounds kick it out down the pipe. has some great stuff, But it’s frustrating to have to “Wade” through all the crap to get to the good stuff.

Is there ANY possible way we can get some Actual moderators who watch over this stuff?
To make sure someone does not post there pictures of Kleiner having a wank on

Post your opinions.

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deal with it

Of course, but you must remember:
Quantity: Toybox <

Obviously, since it has been up much longer.

The only moderator is Garry, and will be always. We don’t need moderation, nor do we need to hear you whine about others creating backgrounds or re uploading things. Garry can do everything himself. He’s a big boy.

Garry is already handling everything with Gmod itself. To have some other, Friends of Garry to help out with this would be nice.

I’m just saying, Garry can’t do everything at once.

I’m sure we don’t need assholes deleting other shit that they’re not supposed to either. Who cares. Don’t go searching “backgrounds” if you hate them so much. Who cares about re-uploads. Some things need to be reuploaded. Not such a big problem.

Not all Moderators are “Ass-Holes”. If the person is chosen well, Then they won’t go around delting what there not supposed to.

Also, i don’t spend my free-time searching “Backgrounds”. Rather, Searching for Sweps, Sents and Maps, But still finding backgrounds with those tags to atract attention.

Might help if it would actually load for me so I could check it out instead of showing me a blank page.

You can always choose to ignore them. And still we dont need moderation. I get that you get pissed at others uploading their content, but was made for creativity. User created content. So technically backgrounds can’t be taken down. And if the re uploads are necessary then those too can’t be taken down. So this threads is now pointless.

We used to have a site where people could upload Garrysmod related Pictures/Backgrounds…
But it just dissapeared. Hm…

I doubt that. But seriously ignore them. Garry still wont give a damn about anything you post about the way his website runs. I’m sure he has heard shit loads of people like you asking for moderation so will be some what better. And I’m sure he’s sick of being told about moderation. The website doesn’t need moderation at all. If you hate all the backgrounds and re uploads then stop going to the website. Complaining isn’t doing you good at all.

The webiste was not very popular, But i did post there occasionaly. Until it went down. But it was about a year ago now…

Anyway, I am just saying, That the website is Dis-organized. And could use some work. Garry doesn’t have to do anything at all, Other then let some of his Staff help out the site.

It’s a test.

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I love how Gregster talks like he is on a personal level with Garry and is relaying everything about them an into the argument.

But really, some of the backgrounds are fun to wade through. All them trolls…

I’m sorry, but last time I checked when people complained about shit like this he told others to deal with it. So you might as well deal with it. was created for user created content, not “Post your fabulous shit because I said so” kind of website. I love how you think I talk on a personal level with Garry, but yet every one else knows that Garry isn’t going to give a shit about what you say.

Hypocrisy Alert! is a website to upload your creations. It doesn’t matter what they are. People stealing files can be reported.

How do I report them? I’ve wanted to know this for a long time.

Report System? Where?

I think the real problem is that Trolls are almost destroying, devoring the site’s storage and insulting people through their uploads.Yes gmod org was meant for upload, but that’s not upload that’s spam, that spam is preventing from seeing uploads that deserves to be downloaded.

If uploads like those were threads on Facepunch, we would delete them right ?