Some addons don't work on server


I’m working on my TTT server and I’m experiencing a weird problem. Two addons that I uploaded do not work at all, like if they weren’t there (in the /addons dir). The addons are Custom ULX Commands and TTT Scoreboard Ranks. When I startup my server, this prints to the console:

Adding Filesystem Addon '.../garrysmod/addons/customcommands'
Adding Filesystem Addon '.../garrysmod/addons/ttt-scoreboard-ranks-for-ulx-1.1.1'

however no other signs of any of these 2 addons actually working/being loaded/existing at all can be found. Other addons work fine.

Both addons work properly when I download them to my steam/…/garrysmod/addons dir & launch singleplayer mode, but won’t load on server.

There must be some super obvious solution to this, but i’m dumb new to hosting Gmod servers so I couldn’t find a solution, so I hope I can get help from more experienced users.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Problem solved!

It was caused by the fact that addon dir names had uppercase symbols.