Some addons not showing up when offline

I just got some customisable weapon packs, made sure they were installed and I loaded a game to see if they functioned correctly and they did. I then disconnected my internet (as I’m using prepaid and don’t want to keep it on), started a lan game and they’re not there at all but all of my other add ons are. They’re in my subscribed section, are visible in my addons folder but don’t come up and aren’t mentioned in the console either. I’ve tried un and resubscribing and also dragging the addon files out and back into the folder but it still isn’t working. Does anyone know why this could be and possibly how to fix it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Workshop addons do not mount when offline, legacy addons do however (the folder addons)

Thanks! I thought getting them through the workshop just put them in directory and that they’d be usable online or offline. Is there a way I can make them available in offline mode?

You can download gmad extractor and extract the .gma addons in your addons directory to convert it to legacy. Give Gmod a reboot and they should mount.

Oh, thanks for the help but unfortunately I use a mac :frowning:

Er, sometimes addons have alternate links to github or their own website. Other than that I don’t think there’s any other way :l

Ah well thanks for your help, at least I understand it now :slight_smile:

In offline mode all .gma files that are downloaded are mounted, except the ones you had disabled previously.

I wonder why they’re not working then because they’re definitely .gma files and haven’t ever been disabled

See your console in offline mode, all mounted addons are printed there.

Yeah they don’t come up at all in the console in offline mode. I’m trying to understand but I guess my question is why aren’t they mounting?

What file names exactly are not showing up?

-- Workshop Addon System In Offline Mode --
Offline Addon: 2014_chevrolet_c7_stingray_332400957.gma
Offline Addon: 2014_mclaren_p1_(horizon_2)_337850519.gma

This is what you should be seeing.

If you are not getting those first 3 lines, then your GMod is not in offline mode.

Yeah I get those lines (and more)

But these aren’t loading or showing up in the console at all

You must have them disabled. Go to online mode and enable them.

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Actually, even if they are disabled they should be mounting, hmm.

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They do show up for me.

Could be an OSX thing, I don’t really know.

Yeah they haven’t been disabled and this has happened since I first installed them but ONLY for offline mode (I got them specifically for playing offline) if I start a single player sandbox with internet connected they do appear in the wepons tab.
Could this maybe have something to do with steam cloud?

Thanks anyway :~(