Some alien chick firing an assault rifle in a cave (Muzzleflash + Editing test)

Roughly 2 hours work, I thought it deserved a thread.


C&C On pretty much everything, please. Especially the editing.

Well, she looks hot, and you made it look like it was not taken in Gmod, assuming you did take it in Gmod, and used an emitter.


I have that exact same muzzle flash exploitable :v:

The Muzzleflash seems slightly off, seems like it is pointing upper left a bit.

Looks fine otherwise.

Wow, that’s awesome. The only thing I can see wrong with it is the muzzle flash. It’s nearly white in the middle, yet there’s only a soft glow on her and the gun.

The red on the edge of the muzzle flash do not fit in. Else a ok picture.