Some Anarchists chilling.

I really dig the warm colors.

looks quite nice

That’s a nice View, Judging from the Guys Visor

Freedom forever.

Beautiful scene

these guys haven’t been released yet have they?

If they were real anarchists, they would have killed the guy with the fancy helmet and run off with it.

The sitting guy has the same suit but with just the hood down, FYI.

Decent STALKER models where?

Also, this isn’t really authentic unless they’re all smoking weed.

Maybe they are.

headhack or proper models?

either way, the screenie is awesome.

Would you also say that they’re maxing and relaxing? Possibly about to play some B-Ball outside of school? Is it also possible that a couple of guys who are up to no good are about to start making trouble in their neighborhood?

Ahh, summer.

STALKER citizens would be nice :slight_smile:

Woah, these models are absolutely beautiful. Where can I get them?

When he get’s off his ass and releases them.