Some Animation Hacking

Hey guys, I just wanted to request someone to compile the female citizens from HL2 with Alyx’s EP2 animations. I would do it myself, but since I am blessed with the almighty ruler’s Operating System, Windows 7, I am unable to acquire any programs that last more than 3 seconds while attempting to decompile models. This would be of great help to me, so if you think you can take it on, please do!

Thanks in advance!

What? I use Windows 7 and I have no problems. Are you forgetting to change IDST0 to IDST,?

No, it just refuses to do ANYTHING involving decompiling, even on pre-orangebox models. Plus, I haven’t a clue what to do afterwards, as I cannot find a model compile that will work either.

well im using windows 7 as well and decompiling works like a charm. But i always run into many error’s when compiling :confused: