Some annoying problems

I’m having some annoying problems in my Gmod 11

  1. I can’t weld anything to the ground anymore. Also, I can’t spawn dynamites and duplicate stuff to the ground
  2. The pistol does not kill NPCs or destroy something
  3. Some of the CSS or MW2 weapons have some thirdperson bugs. The weapons appears in the abdomen
  4. Explosive barrels and the RPG don’t have the explosion sound anymore

Do you guys know how to fix these erros?

well probably because you’re trying to run gmod 11

If you have GMod 11 then you either have a very very old version or you pirated it.

Update to GMod 13

i searched up rambotnic and none of them have garrys mod

prob pirated it

ok then

I had the first problem on my old computer when I had GMod 12 before the big swap to 13, not sure how i fixed it