Some areas are invisible

Hey there, I wanted to ask if anyone with Blender would be willing to help us out?
Some areas of the model keep coming up as invisible or something and we needed some help, my friend has tried everything. Would anyone like to help and take a crack at it?

is this because you’re zooming in too close? if that is the case, just rescale the model to be a lot bigger

post the file in .obj

My friend said he has zoomed in and out but the holes are still there.

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Here’s the .obj

So did you check the facing of the polygons (polygon normals). I don’t know blender so hard to tell how. Recommend you google it.

From what we keep hearing is that if you use a tool to automaticallly reduce the polys in a model it will mess it up. My friend said he would reduce the pollys manually.

Checking normals =/= reduce polies of a model. Normals are the direction polygons are typically facing, and while used in conjunction with reducing the polies, they are not the same thing.

My friend said he would just reduce the polys manualy.

Did you even read my post?

Yes and he tried that already, you’re not the first one to tell us that.

you need to flip the normals.

this is in max but the general idea is what you need to do in whatever you use.

friend has tried that in Blender, except he gets different invisible spots. And he has tried flipping the nromals. Also since he wasn’t able to compile the whole 60,000 polys cus of source, he used a tool to reduce the polys but stuff went bad.

try importing the same .obj you uploaded, apparently that can sometimes deal with some issues. i’ve never used blender before so i won’t comment on it but the invisible areas are normal related.

i’m not surprised you couldn’t compile the whole thing, you might be able to with the modified compiler, don’t remember where to get that, but it would be better to do it in chunks anyway.

reducing the numbers of polies is really hard, especially once somethings been textured because you’ll have to unwrap and refit the texture to it.

TBH the texture for this is horrible and my friend plans on redooing it, he is a great guy for helping me and I promissed him a huge reward wen this is all done. He doesn’t mind reducing the pollys one by one. He told me this yesterday. Also that way he can reduce the pollys where it matters.

good luck.