some army dude checking round a corner

hooray for generic killing floor poses

hooray even more for pasting wrong link, fixed.

How’s he checking around a corner? I just see him standing amongst some boxes.
Also, why isn’t he armed?

i failed pasting the link. my ctrl+c hates me today for some reason.

He’s holding his gun in a really odd way.

boxes? thats a fringin huge container… and how is he not checking round a corner, the pose clearly shows that he is. and hes not holding the gun weird, hes holstering it, and it dosnt matter wether hes armed it looks good anyway.

sometimes i really dont get your criticism, you seem to always comment on irelevent things.

its a good pose and it looks good. the clutter behind the zombies is a bit distracting, should of put them against something blank, so you focus on them more.