Some art from EliKV

Enjoy my art )

:slight_smile: Nice

1st picture: Seems a bit odd. The atmosphere is green, and the explosion doesn’t fit very well with how it looks and the color.
2nd picture: Bloom rape.
3rd picture: More bloom rape
4th picture: It’s alright.

And plastering your name over them is a bad idea.

Where’s the art? I don’t see it.

i agree with Chesty…

name it however you want.

But yes, it’s not some awesome work, because it’s my first picture of this style

Everyone bigan from something

Should be called “My random fuck abouts”

Third picture is actually pretty darn cool, the rest sucks though.

They’re not as generic as most the stuff on here…
wouldn’t call it art though…

… these aren’t generic? Whaaaaaat?

:ohdear: you startled the Chesty…

Well Smeth

Woll Smoth

(sorry, I had to)

ah but this is GMod will smith (well smeth)

:lol: well smeth…