Some assistance, please! (Texture problem on compiled model)

I’m trying to port some San Andreas stuff into Gmod, but when I finally compile the model, the texture is not working.

I am following Rinfect’s tutorial

It seems to be unable to even find the vmt, but I’m not sure how to solve that as I’ve already tried everything I could come up with.

Open the smd in notepad++ and make sure it matches the vmt name.


highlight the material name, ctrl f and replace all instances with the proper name

It’s overwritten now, but it’s still not working.

Not sure what it could be, I applied a red texture to it just fine using the same smd, qc and vmt.

Try this

Maybe this’ll show you why it’s doing that.

What I do is; Compile the .smd file like this:

Then I just import the texture into VTFEdit and save it into the materials/test/ folder and then I add the .vmt into the same folder.

Check your vmt, the one you linked is

“$basetexture” “test/”

it needs to be

“$basetexture” “test/g1_copy”

Put it in here.

Nothing’s happened.

Must be something on your end then

Hmm. I don’t know why though.
A friend of mine recompiled it for you.

I want to learn how to port stuff myself, but thanks anyway.


make that code and not quote

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in the VMT you need to change “test/” to “test/g1_copy”

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anyway that rinfect tutorial is outdated to shit, a lot of images got removed from, and it wasnt that well written

SergeantJoe and I were trying to figure out what was wrong the whole yesterday evening, and even if I changed “test/” to “test/g1_copy” nothing happened. All my code was apparently right but it didn’t work anyway. But if I can compile it through TF2, I don’t think there’s a problem. I just have to figure out how to use multiple textures now.

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m just an idiot. It was all in the .smd all along, I just had to rewrite the material_XY (XY being a number) to the actual texture names.

Well, another bump, because I’ve managed to find a new problem.

I’m trying to port a submarine pen, but the .smd lists a ton of materials I’m not even using and it’s over 32, and I’m trying to figure out how to remove the extra materials and only use the ones I need.

The materials I’m using are:


So that’s 6 materials which should be applied on the model.

However, the .smd file lists all these:


So, can anyone help me with this? I’d like to know some way of figuring this out beside trial and error.

This thread is suddenly unusually laggy for me. Anyway, those materials probably aren’t just popping out of nowhere. It’s possible that the tool you used to import the model with is assigning a lot of redundant textures that you don’t really want. If you’re using 3ds max, check what material channels exist. You can always duplicate the model and use this to select faces with the proper materials to remove them until you’re left with a dummy model containing faces with obsolete materials. You can then figure out whether these should be assigned proper materials or simply deleted on the original model and go from there.

I found this. I have no idea how to check the material channels and I don’t even know how I got to this instances window, but it lists shitloads of materials with numbers and that’s exactly what was in the code.

And when I right-click it and go to Wire Parameters… and then Material#4306, which shows up for me, a whole window of 72 materials pops up.