Some battle with German guys

:wtc: @ mouth editing.

Lold at his mouth

Reminded me of this

(The bellybutton part)

Hahahahaha :v:


His mouth :byodood:
Gave me nightmares.

Excellent posing and pretty decent edit. I like it.

Your best bet for mouths, next time, would be to smack a citizen’s one on instead of making it from scratch (something that I’ve learned the hard way :v: ).

Insert dick here

I think the posing is spot on, just the editing is off.

lol nice editing… i just cant get over the mouth

Was this a scene build? Or what map was it on?

An RnL map, i added a few trees and some grass

(This is probably a stupid question but)Where can I find it?

Needs more bodygroups being changed, and less of a blow-up-doll mouth.

Aside from that, great job with posing & editing.

:v: thanks.