Some Battlefield 3 Poses

AMERICA! the land of jusctice
ps: if you want i can give you the textures i made for the russkies

Beautiful poses, as always.

something about their eyes draws my attention hard

it looks good

somehow the last pose is damn funny

all the models have weirdly dark, shiny brown eyes, that might be what’s getting your attention

The sniper on the right (last photo) looks like he was having a conversation with the other sniper. Then he stabs his heart saying “You feel me man?”

Shame the models are currently private, but still, good work on the images

yes please

Posing is excellent, modes look good, effects need brushing up.

Can you please share the link to download the US players please? I already got the RU models. Thank you if you do. :slight_smile:

I love the RU snipers face on the last one.

US models aren’t out yet. Keep an eye on the modelling forum.