Some BF2/BFP4F Vehicles

Could Someone Rig These Vehicles From BF2/BFP4F Or Battlefield 3(If Possible) To Gmod??

GAZ-3937 Vodnik






Well, we already have the LAV and a couple of the choppers.

Could you gimme The Link??

Choppers (the Mi-35. looks exactly like the wz 10)

LAV-25 can be found here:
AFAIK, nobody has ported any chinese stuff from BF2, and I myself don’t really have any interest in doing so either.
But you can find some other BF2/BFP4F stuff from

The Mi-35 looks nothing like the wz-10 :v:
The eurocopter does a bit, though.

FFF… What the fuck you said?!

Anyway, I can port some of these vehicles.

Wow,Thanks.Could You also Port the Jets?i.e F-15E,F/A-18C,A-10?

We don’t need this planes - they’re released in H.A.W.X. GMod Pack with shitload of awesome skins and versions.

They Don’t Have USAF/USN Markings and Detailed Cockpit.

Oh my, the cockpit is’t so detailed. Maybe in first person view, but not in vehicle model.

WZ-10, AH-1Z Super Cobra, UH-60 Blackhawk, Ka-50 BlackShark, Ah-2 Rooivalk, Mil Mi-28, CH-47, and the EH-101 Merlin are all on under WAC choppers.

If you want the models that’s where you need to go but they’re a little odd because of the collisions.

I’ve re-made a lot of them properly but they’re not for release. If you really want to look you can check my YouTube.