Some BLUs patrolling.

Spy creepy.

excellent posing

spy looks slightly out of scale though

Heavy’s arms clip.

Heavy is trying to hold his breath.

Is the sandvich a some kind of a distraction?

nah just a forgotten lunch

I thought Spy left it there, so that when Heavy and Engy are distracted, Spy takes out Soldier.

"Hey, heavy, you ever get that feeling that some spy is hiding in a vent, waiting to pop out stab the living crap out of us?
“Not until now…”

You’re saying that when the Heavy’s face is getting deformed?

Finally someone who can pose. I like this picture, but what is heavy staring at? Custom hat?

SANDVICH! (Scroll right)

Where do you get that plate

It’s the new sandvich drop model, a spinning sandvich on a plate.