Some BPs feel too common when trading up.

So I was trying out the new update for Rust and was messing around with the blueprints. Turns out that some certain BPs feel way too common and a lot of the time it feels like the BPs repeat. I personally feel like while the new system kind of helps with the gathering of BPs it also stills feels about as random as it did before with the only exception being that certain essential BPs like the Medkit, Explosives, and Syringe are much easier to obtain. Past that though the blueprints I’ve been crafting have been repeating a lot making the nature of BPs feel just as random as the naked rad town runs of before.

Maybe something should be in place to help make it less random. Like maybe a logarithmic function that makes it so that the more times you get a blueprint from a trade up the less likely you are from trading up to it again?