Some british infantry moving up a creek in a forest.

Well, I was planning another pose but it got fucked, and to not waste time I posed this.
Also an experiment of changing weather, from sunny to well… a bit stormy.

Lol song:
(My usual music advisor (Necrotic Fever) Went gonew :C )

Über widescreen incoming!

Some parts i think are good, some are meh/bad.
C&C :smiley:

I feel lonely since I have only 2 people from these forums in my steam friends :frowning: And you guys all seem to know eachother.XD [/whine]

That is pure sex.
Reminds me of the movie death watch.

Nice editing and posing.

The guys in the background look way to noticeable out of the fog. Unless that was what you were going for.

Brits with B.A.Rs and THAT version of the Thompson?
Anyway nice pose.

Fucking awesome.

nice…reminds me of Band of Brothers…although those guys are brits

Pretty nice. The guy in the middle kind of looks like he’s glowing and the fog seems to start very suddenly but overall this is a very good picture. Would have been better if you just took a little extra time to download the CoH weapons pack and used the Enfield from there.

Or a sten skin from fpsbananana (replaces mp40)

I could have done that, but as in OP. This pose was a 10 seconds thought to not waste the launch of gmod :stuck_out_tongue: So I didn’t think of weapons before starting gmod.

Have an artistic.


British and Free French Forces bought more then 50,000 units of those weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

british didn’t use BARS and springfields. But this is still worth an artistic!

I don’t know how I missed this thread, but very nice. I suggest that you next time have the moon behind them and add rim lighting just to make people love you more.

Not really uber widescreen. Looks cool anyway

Nice idea, off to gmod for a new pose.


Love me more??

Does that mean people love me ?! :dance: ?!

would be much better if the fog wasn’t fucked up on the guys

Yeah they appear to be swimming in fog.

I think I get what you mean, I kinda fucked up with some layers.
If you mean the guys in the back, there drawn :stuck_out_tongue: And legs fucked them up a bit.