Some bugs and feature suggestions from a server admin

Not sure if this is the best place for this; people seem to post here a lot with this kinda stuff, but if there is a system I should be plugging these into, let me know.

I’m the admin of meow ( and these are some of the changes I’d like to see, as far as features & bugs:

  1. Be able to give more than one item at a time, such as specifying a multiplier. giving a stack of wood takes 250 commands; should take one.
  2. coordinates & map; I know some people don’t want, but i think it matters. Maybe make GPS units a drop? same for a map; and maybe make the user figure out where they are from the two items. I think that plays to being able to teleport as admin to XYZ coordinates; otherwise there’s no discovery available for that, so might as well drop that admin feature if you only want it to be to other players.
  3. everyone should be able to execute “status”
  4. Add ability to query users online list; maybe part of status output
  5. Chat dialog needs to be more… WoW-like. need to be able to see previous messages. Maybe make f2 a “full” chat window that keeps everything, similar in design to the console, and leave the text in the corner as is. I think this would go a long way.
  6. Bonfires; big brother to campfire
  7. Cars working would be nice; but horses that players could ride/kill would be cool too.
  8. Please don’t get rid of the uber hatchet or other admin-only items! I think it gives them something they can offer to their players in exchange for money to help run the server. I know some admins abuse… and as its their server they’re surely allowed to; but guys like me want to offer a balanced gameplay, but also have ways to spice things up.
  9. Adjustable building decay rate via console or server config
  10. cannot disable instabuild once enabled
  11. Sometimes commands in console do not take. I have to repeat them a few times. started with latest update
  12. grass.on false does not work for me; used to. (OSX)
  13. User names more visible above characters; should appear when within a given range or sight resolution.
  14. targeting should be fuzzier; targeting doors, campfires etc. for usage can take some effort sometimes. Should “snap” to objects more.
  15. trees should disappear when there’s no more wood
  16. paint for buildings; but really just some way to make them more visually distinctive; maybe just types of wood.
  17. solar kit drop for night lighting
  18. Wood ladders (raiding 101)
  19. Allow door to be opened by other player; can be set via selection of nearby players
  20. Becoming a zombie after too much radiation would be cool; but i know they might be going away
  21. flaming arrows
  22. to that end, burnable wood buildings

Anyway, look forward to any improvements you guys make! this game has a lot of potential and I’m eager to see how it evolves!